Depositing Your Funds

Funds collected on behalf of your RSO/GSO should be deposited into you revenue fund. A deposit slip must be prepared in the Business Center, located in room  252 Bartlett Hall, before bringing it to the campus cashier window.

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  • Your RSO/GSO collects cash and checks as payment of dues from group members. These funds must be deposited into you group's revenue fund.

Cash Handling and Deposit Info:

  • Cash and checks need to be deposited as quickly as possible. 
  • Deposits are done by completing a deposit slip at the Business Center, in room 252, Bartlett Hall.
  • When taking a check, make sure it is filled out correctly and deposited in a timely manner. If is not, it will be denied at the bank and result in your group not getting the revenue it was expecting. 
  • A dorm room or a backpack is NOT the place to store cash or checks. If for any reason you are unable to deposit your funds in a timely manner, a group member can leave a sealed envelope in the safe at the Business Center.
  • If you ever plan to collect a large amount of cash, you can arrange for police escort to bring the funds to a safe at a Bursar’s Office location, even during night hours. Ask your advisor or Account Specialist how to do this if you are going to have a need. 
  • When receiving cash or checks, it is policy to give a receipt to the person that paid you. Receipt books are available at the Business Center; pick up one before collecting funds.
  • We are unable to process credit cards for deposits in the Business Center.