Consultant Responsibilities

As an integral part of the communication between your business and the CSB you will attend both weekly Consultant Management Meetings (CMM) and your businesses all-staff meetings. To offer the best advice to your business you need to be familiar with the all business roles such as Bookkeepers, Payroll, and Hiring and tools such as QuickBooks and Summit.

It is your responsibility to make sure your business is following CSB, University, and State policy, including making sure the financial documentation is being accurately compiled and submitted in a timely manner. To fulfill this responsibility you are personally responsible for:



Monthly Performance Review

How you fit into your business

Since all the business are run based off of the co-operative model, as a consultant you are not directly involved with any of the decisions the business makes. The businesses are constructed to be a non-hierarchal system, meaning all decisions are made collectively between all co-managers. Your job is to provide information and suggestions to the business that they can factor into their decisions, making you an important source of information and guidance. For more information on co-operatives, check out the co-operative resources page.

Tips for Consultants

When there is a disagreement over a decision, as a consultant you should attend the relevant committee meetings in order to gather all the information you can in order to provide your business with an informed opinion on how they should resolve the situation.

While you are not a technical part of their business, you have an impact on their decision making process and to build their trust in your opinion you should work to find where you fit in best with the co-managers on a professional and personal level. 

Advisory Board Luncheon

This is an event held in the fall where the consultants all present on how their business has done the past few years to those who support, offer guidance, and educate the student businesses. They discuss operational and organizational issues their businesses are dealing with to try to find solutions. 

Board of Student Businesses (BoSB)

This is a committee made of two consultants and two representatives from each business. Their duty is to work to solve problems affecting multiple or all businesses. Another responsibility of BOSB is finding two co-managers in the spring semester that will plan the Annual Student Business Dinner. 

Annual Student Business Dinner

Held at the end of the spring, this is an event where all the student businesses come together to celebrate their accomplishments for that year. Each business will appoint a speaker and one senior co-manager will be awarded the Patrick Brown Award for being an exemplary co-manager and addition to their business.