Co-Manager Reponsibilities

Co-Manager Responsibility

Co-Managers take ownership of the business in three integral ways:

1.    Co-Managers think about their student business first, putting the group before individual needs;
2.    Because of feeling ownership, co-managers think about the big picture and what is best for the business, both short term and long term.
3.    Ownership means taking responsibility for outcomes, win or lose.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
To be a strong co-manager it is important to be:

1.    Highly motivated and focused on the success of the business
2.    Task oriented in order to make sure all the work is getting done
3.    People-oriented to make sure their fellow co-managers, as well as clients, are happy with the work being completed and how it is getting done.
4.     It is important to be perceptive of problems to be able to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Social Responsibility
They are sensitive to their co-managers as well as the larger community, sensitive to their customers and market. They work to give back to the community when they find an opportunity.

Terms and Commitment of a co-manager 
Since being a co-manager is a demanding role, it is recommended while hiring to be sure to find applicants who have time to dedicate to growing the business and can work for a minimum of 4 semesters for the business.

Handbook Policies
Each business has their own handbook of rules and procedures they follow. Two important parts of all of the handbooks are:

1.    Mandatory attendance at all staff meetings. This ensures all co-managers are a part of the decisions and conversations about the business.
2.     Dot-Star policies that outline consequences for both good and bad behavior so all co-managers are aware of what is expected of them.