Contemplative Spaces

When the demands of college life turn to stress, try taking a few minutes (between classes, during lunch, or whenever free time opens up) to completely power down and just breathe. You may experience big benefits from even small moments of meditation or quiet reflection.

Below are just a few of the indoor and outdoor campus spaces well-suited for meditation and contemplation. For a list of campus and local religious and spiritual organizations and meditation groups, visit Religious and Spiritual Life. For meditation and stress-reduction classes and workshops, see Center for Counseling and Psychological Health and Campus Recreation's Wellness Center.

FAC Class of 1954 Garden     Durfee Conservatory          

Above: Fine Arts Center Class of 1954 Garden, three views of Durfee Conservatory, interior and gardens

North Side of Campus Pond    Permaculture Garden     Campus Pond Isle of View     Outside ILC

Above: North side of Campus Pond, Franklin Permaculture Garden, Campus Pond 'Isle of View,' grounds between Student Union and ILC

Life Sciences Laboratory     Life Sciences Lab gardens     Helen Curtis Cole Garden     WEB DuBois Library Garden

Above: Two views of the Life Sciences Laboratory grounds, the Helen Curtis Cole garden (with University Chapel in background), W.E.B. Dubois Library Garden

     Class of 1955 Garden          

Above: ILC garden bench, Class of 1955 Garden, two views of the Wellness Center's meditation space, Campus Recreation