Minutes Matter: UMass Amherst Medical Amnesty Policy

UMass Amherst seeks to be a caring community committed to maintaining the health and safety of everyone. Severe intoxication or serious injuries after alcohol or drug consumption are potentially life-threatening emergencies. Although you may be reluctant to report these situations, obtaining medical help is imperative. If you seek help for someone under the influence of alcohol or other drugs who needs medical attention, neither you nor that person will be charged with a UMass Code of Student Conduct violation. If that person is a UMass student, they will be required to attend BASICS and pay the associated fee.

Always call 911 for help if someone:

  • Passes out and cannot be awakened.
  • Vomits while passed out.
  • Stops breathing.
  • Has a seizure.


  • Action by the police or other law enforcement personnel is not covered under this policy.
  • This policy does not preclude student conduct actions regarding other violations.
  • Serious or repeated incidents will prompt a higher degree of health concern and response and may trigger a review under the Student Conduct process.
Download the policy as 11x17" poster