Your Home Away From Home

Off Campus Student Services Mission Statement  

The mission of OCSS is to create opportunities for community outreach to teach, foster, and strengthen student/neighbor relationships, and provide housing and community resources, services, and landlord/tenant information for individuals living in the greater University community.

The department’s role is multifaceted; investing in seamless and collaborative programs that give on campus students the basic knowledge and skills they need to live off campus, helping to manage demand for housing as on and off campus students seek their preferred housing locations, and helping University staff understand how they can positively contribute to the University’s efforts to address student behavior in the surrounding community.

Each of these aspects is becoming increasingly important to the campus and the community.  OCSS embraces the responsibility of stewardship as a core value of our work. Namely, we embrace the responsibility to:

  • facilitate campus and community relationships that involve students
  • contribute to students’ educational success
  • cultivate the institution’s reputation
  • participate in community and campus processes that impact off campus students