Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

Student Affairs and Campus Life is a nationally recognized team of student affairs educators dedicated to excellence, innovation, and social justice. In partnership with campus colleagues, we contribute to students’ successful educational experience, support an actively engaged and diverse student body, and challenge them to become leaders in their community and the world.

Our Mission

Student Affairs and Campus Life advances the University’s mission by facilitating student learning and development for maximizing academic and personal success. We create a positive, inclusive, and challenging learning environment that encourages self-motivation and fosters leadership development and life skills. Through engagement with our essential services and programs that promote intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being, our students transform their potential to match their highest aspirations.

Our Values

We value a student-centered community where:

  • Collaboration exists in the spirit of teamwork, learning and creativity
  • Communication is respectful, open and continuous
  • Integrity guides our sense of honesty, fairness, and compassion
  • Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our work
  • Innovative processes bring about the advancement of knowledge, personal growth, and sustainable change
  • Excellence is achieved through best practices, knowledge, and demonstrated expertise