Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan helps us to clarify our long term (5 year) direction and aligns our priorities and resources to support the academic mission of the campus and student success.  Our strategic goals and objectives identified below are influenced by our understanding of the needs of the students and other major stakeholders, the culture of the campus, and the results we must achieve.  It provides a roadmap for us to effectively carry out our responsibilities that lead to each student having a positive and productive collegiate experience ending in degree attainment and personal growth. 

Strategic Goals (2010-2015)

Goal 1: Transformative Learning

Student Affairs provides transformative learning experiences matching students’ potential to their highest aspirations.


  1. Plan and implement a comprehensive First Year Experience program for the campus
  2. Establish programs to facilitate sophomore transitional issues
  3. Create and foster an assessment culture in the division
  4. Develop comprehensive assessment plan for the functional areas of the division
  5. Improve career service programs
  6. Achieve a dynamic living and learning environment that adapts to changing trends
  7. Increase opportunities for our students to develop a multicultural skill set that will prepare them for challenges in a global society
  8. Ensure an efficient, interrelated structure of programs, offices and agencies that effectively meet the changing co-curricular needs of a diverse student population

Goal 2: Student Engagement

Students are engaged in a comprehensive experiential learning model which incorporates innovative programming and responsive services that contribute to their personal development and academic success.


  1. Develop a comprehensive engagement strategy addressing integrated student learning outcomes
  2. Realign support service delivery system to meet emerging ALANA student needs
  3. Create opportunities for students to be engaged in the campus community
  4. Provide experiential learning activities that enhance student development

Goal 3: Resource Expansion

We have the necessary financial and physical resources to provide excellent programs and services to students.


  1. Design and update facilities that enhance the delivery of high quality services and programs integral to students’ academic success and personal development
  2. Expand on-campus housing capacity
  3. Develop funding strategies to deliver high-quality programs and services
  4. Improve and expand the Student Union facilities to accommodate our current usage needs

Goal 4: Excellent Staff

We have a highly competent, engaged staff knowledgeable of best practices in the delivery of student development programs and services.


  1. Enhance the quality of SACL programs and services by incorporating best practices and innovation
  2. Work towards increasing multicultural competence of staff
  3. Develop a motivated, engaged staff through recognition, professional development and Student Affairs joint initiatives
  4. Provide and integrate IT services, education and support for SACL staff around principles of standardization, centralization, sustainability and enhancing resource efficiency

Goal 5: Partnership Recognition

We are recognized by the University’s key stakeholders as integral to achieving excellence in student learning and development.


  1. Increase SACL visibility within the university community
  2. Continue to promote partnerships between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs departments and programs