Donate to the Student Care & Emergency Response Fund



For students living in economic insecurity, living on a tight budget or encountering unforeseen expenses can threaten their ability to remain in school and successfully graduate. An unexpected car repair, an unbudgeted textbook purchase, a smaller than usual paycheck due to illness - these everyday situations force students in economically precarious circumstances to make difficult choices and can derail a student’s goal of earning a university degree.

The Student Care & Emergency Response Fund provides fast financial resources for these situations. Students encountering difficulty meet with a Dean of Students case manager and explore a range of support services, including possible emergency financial support. The process for applying for and receiving emergency funding is straightforward and expeditious. While not all funding requests can be fully met, the goal is to provide maximum possible aid to every student in need.

Through your generosity, students with emergency financial needs will receive immediate support, allowing them to stay in school, and remain focused on academic success and graduation.

The Student Care & Emergency Response Fund provides students with access to:

  • Funding for unforeseen expenses
  • Healthy meals in the campus dining commons
  • Basic personal care and household products from the Student Care Supply Closet (Opening Fall 2017)
  • Support resources and practical life management tools

When it comes to the Student Care & Emergency Response Fund, no contribution is too small. 100% of the money you contribute will go directly to students in urgent need.


Students seeking more information about the Student Care & Emergency Response Fund and other university support services should contact the Dean of Students Office.