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spacerSTS Working Group
The STS Working Group brings together faculty from Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Communication, Anthropology, History, Natural Resources Conservation, Public Policy, and Legal Studies to guide the Science, Technology and Society Initiative. Working group members include:


Doug Anderton, Sociology, SADRI, and CSBS
Historical and Mathematical Population Studies, Statistics, Environmental Health and Policy


Michael Ash, Economics and CPPA
labor, health policy, environmental policy


Kyle Cave, Psychology
Visual cognition, visual attention, visual imagery, and object recognition. When and why visual attention is necessary, and measuring how visual attention is allocated during complex visual tasks such as search.

Paula Chakravartty, Communication
Global Communications, Political Economy, Postcolonial Theory, New Media and Social Movements


Jane Fountain, Political Science and CPPA, STS Director
The intersection of institutions, global information and communication technologies, and governance


Peter Haas, Political Science
International Relations, International Environmental Politics and Policy, International Political Economy, Globalization & Governance


Jarice Hanson, Communication
Technology, Media Content, International Effects, and Policies of Technology Transfer


Krista Harper, Anthropology and CPPA
Cultural Anthropology: Culture and the politics of social movements; political cology; medical anthropology; science and technology studies (STS); race, ethnicity, and human rights; area specializations in Eastern Europe (Hungary), Roma (Gypsy) diaspora, and the European Union.


John Hird, Political Science and CPPA
Policy Advising, Use of Science and Technology in Policy-making, Policy Analysis, and Environmental Policy


Ethan Katsh, Legal Studies
Application of Technology to Law, Legal Processes


Larry Owens, History
History of engineering, the laboratory as a workplace, mathematical machinery and computers as cultural artifacts, and, most generally, the relationships between science, technology, and culture


MJ Peterson, Political Science
World politics, international institutions, international political economy, understanding conditions and factors that facilitate or inhibit international cooperation among states, among states and non-state actors, or among nonstate actors


Janet Rifkin, Legal Studies (ex. officio) and Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Community justice


Charlie Schweik, Natural Resources Conservation and CPPA
Environmental Policy and Management, Public Information Technology and Digital Government, Intersection of Environmental Management and Information Technology


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