Vietnam: An Unfinished War

Vietnam: An Unfinished War

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Part of the Distinguished Lecture Series on Social Thought and Political Economy
Co-sponsored with Commonwealth Honors College

H. Patricia Hynes, Director, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice in western Massachusetts

During the ten years (1961-1971) of aerial chemical warfare in Vietnam, U.S. warplanes sprayed more than twenty million gallons of herbicide defoliants, among them Agent Orange knowingly contaminated with the exceedingly toxic dioxin. In this methodical ecocide, up to one-fourth of South Vietnam was sprayed. In March 2014, environmental engineer and activist Patricia Hynes traveled to Vietnam to investigate the plight of third-generation Agent Orange-dioxin victims and the state of ecological restoration. Hynes will present photographs from her visit and discuss our responsibility for addressing this on-going legacy of the “American War” in Vietnam.

Pat Hynes is a former environmental engineer and Professor of Environmental Health from Boston University and author/editor of seven books. A feminist, peace and environmental justice activist, she directs the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice in western Massachusetts.
160 Commonwealth Honors College Bldg; Events Hall East

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