STPEC Summer Grassroots Internship Scholarships


STPEC is committed to providing our students with the opportunity to participate in the work of grassroots social change organizations. To this end, STPEC alums have generously donated money to ensure that all students interested have this opportunity. To become eligible for this scholarship, students must independently secure an internship with an organization. Funding supports students to work at least 120 hours. The time commitment is designed to allow students who need it to continue other paid work during the summer alongside the internship, but also to be a significant investment to the organization and the student. You must be an enrolled student in good academic standing. 

If you qualify and are interested, please submit:
1) a letter of interest describing your interest in one of the organizations and why you have decided to intern there
2) a resume
3) a proposed budget. (note: grants are available up to $1000 according to need. If you don't need it, don't ask for it. This allows us to distribute more funds to as many students as possible.)

Please send application materials to STPEC's Academic Advisor Monica Garcia . Scholarships are awarded in the spring. Please check back for the submission deadline.