Serving on the Executive Committee

STPEC is a student-run major that is committed to independent, critical thinking. This means that students have the opportunity as majors not only to make decisions themselves about their own education, but also to provide leadership and vision to the major itself. The STPEC Executive Committee is the official governing body of the major and is one very important way students are empowered to determine STPEC policy and educational vision. Consisting of STPEC students and staff and supportive UMass faculty, the Executive Committee is a representative body that uses a consensus decision-making process to determine policy. Issues are gathered by students and staff during the semester and presented to the Executive Committee for final approval or direction.

Students wishing to serve on Executive Committee should register for STPEC 291X, 1 credit, pass/fail. In order to receive a P in this course, students will need to attend ALL of the student and full executive committee meetings, which are listed on the syllabus and on SPIRE, and meet the responsibilities outlined in the bylaws and on the syllabus.

Serving on Executive Committee is a great way to network, gain experience, and have a real impact on your education. You will learn real, transferable skills pertaining to meeting facilitation and participation, make decisions horizontally with faculty and staff, as well as add a valuable credential to your résumé. Students in 291X are expected to serve as a link between the Executive Committee and the STPEC student body. This connection is essential to building a strong, active, and informed STPEC community.

The full Executive Committee meets twice each semester, once early in the semester and once towards the end. Executive Committee meetings are three hours long. The Student Representatives to Executive Committee meet twice before each full meeting. The dates and times of both full and student meetings are set in advance and are published on SPIRE in the description for 291X. Please check these dates and times before registering for this course to be certain that you can make all of them.

Course requirements

1. Attend the orientation session to be held at the first meeting of Student Representatives.
2. Attend all Student Representative and Executive Committee meetings barring an accepted excuse.
3. Review the minutes of the previous Executive Committee or Student Rep meeting.
4. Deliver weekly announcements to your designated STPEC course.
5. If enrolled in a STPEC course, facilitate a 15 minute forum prior to both full Executive Committee meetings.
6. Adhere within reason to past or documented Student Representative and Executive Committee protocol.


Fall 2019 STPEC Executive Committee 

Giovana Castro
Isabel Leonard Rose
Daria Krechevsky-Lipsitt
Marvens Pierre

Fall 2019 Full Executive Meeting Dates - Machmer Hall Room W-32

Friday, TBD, 3:00-6:00 pm  
Friday, TBD, 3:00-6:00 pm