Student Spotlight: James Cordero

When James Cordero (center), a senior double majoring in English and STPEC, arrived on campus in the fall of 2017 he quickly emerged as a campus leader and activist. Most notably he served as a Student Government Association Senator, an organizer for the Center for Education Policy & Advocacy and Co-Chair of the Resident Assistant/Peer Mentor Union. He has led campaigns for more state funding in higher education, fought against food insecurity on campus, helped students register to vote and fought for workers' rights. He wrote articles in the Daily Collegian, organized numerous meetings, rallies and protests in coalition with a variety of groups on campus and beyond. Last summer, James’ work found a wider audience when co-wrote an article in the popular socialist publication- Jacobin. In his Jacobin article, James and his co-authors detail how they were able to transform their undergraduate workers’ union to fight UMass’ neoliberal policies. James also recently shared his lessons learned with local unionists when he spoke on a panel at a workshop entitled “Be the Union You Want Your Union To Be” at the Troublemaker’s School, a conference organized by Labor Notes and the Western Mass Area Labor Federation. James has managed to do all of this intensive organizing work while maintaining a near perfect GPA. His contributions on campus will remain long after he leaves, but we will miss him. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments James!