“History Doesn’t Repeat Itself But It Rhymes”: The Black Scare/Red Scare

“History Doesn’t Repeat Itself But It Rhymes”: The Black Scare/Red Scare. A conversation with Professor Charisse Burden-Stelly and STPEC Director Toussaint Losier

April 9th, 2024 5:30pm New Africa House Room 03, UMass Amherst

Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly is an Associate Professor of African American Studies at Wayne State University and a 2023-2024 Visiting Scholar at the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History at Harvard University. She is the author of Black Scare/Red Scare: Theorizing Capitalist Racism in the United States, the co-author of W.E.B. Du Bois: A Life in American History, and the co-editor of Organize, Fight, Win: Black Communist Women’s Political Writings and of Reproducing Domination: On the Caribbean Postcolonial State. Dr. Burden-Stelly has published in peer-reviewed journals including Small Axe, Souls, Du Bois Review, Socialism & Democracy, International Journal of Africana Studies, and CLR James Journal. Her words appaear in popular publications like Monthly Review, Boston Review, Essence magazine, The Nation, Teen Vogue, Jacobin, Black Perspectives, and Black Agenda Report. She is a member of the Black Alliance for Peace and Community Movement Builders.