STPEC Internship Requirement

Internships can provide a practical opportunity to apply what you've learned in the classroom to real world situations and explore possible career paths. Because STPEC is concerned with praxis (the intersection of theory and practice), all STPEC majors are required to complete at least 120 hours of internship work.

An internship may be paid or unpaid and may be done during the school year or over the summer. Please note that internship scholarships are available.Types of placements range from formal internships (such as the listings on Handshake) to informal, non-traditional internships (such as working with an activist group or student business). The responsibility for finding a placement lies with the student. STPEC’s Internship Director is available to assist you, but you must do the footwork. Securing an internship can be time consuming. Please begin this process early. All placements for the STPEC Internship Requirement must have prior approval.

Note: Students may earn 1 additional credit for every 40 hours they work over the 120 hour minimum (more written work will also be required).

Internship Checklist:

1.   Complete STPEC 391H or STPEC 392H or plan to complete one of these courses while you work on your internship. 

2.   Make an appointment with the Internship Director, Monica M. Garcia, to assist you with your internship search and to obtain final approval of your placement. 

3.   Complete and return your internship contract to the Internship Director. Please note that you need to download the contract before you can fill it out electronically. Once you have turned in your contract you can be registered for STPEC 498Y to receive credit for your internship. 

4. Create a portfolio of your internship work or write a 3-page reflection paper about your experience and how it connects to your STPEC studies. Submit either assignment to the Internship Director.

*All placements for the STPEC Internship Requirement must have prior approval.*