Advising for STPEC Majors

Advising is an important component of the program. Advisors work with students not to tell them what to do, but to help with conceptualizing what they want to ultimately get out of the major. Because of the interdepartmental course offerings, and variety of possible directions, students need to plan their course of studies and activities carefully.

During registration time students must meet with an advisor in the STPEC office to plan course selection for the next semester before they will be able to register for courses for the coming semester.

Advisors for Current STPEC Majors

Director of Undergraduate Advising

Monica M. Garcia, Director of Undergraduate Advising and Internships, Make an appointment with Monica.

She can help with:

  • Changing your major to STPEC
  • Checking your progress toward completing major requirements and planning future semesters
  • Course selection in the major
  • Approval for national and international study programs and transfer of STPEC related courses taken at other universities
  • Academic Advisor Credit Alert holds
  • General and special academic issues and problems
  • Questions about the STPEC internship requirement and approval for internship placements


Global Education Advising Office

If STPEC is your primary major and you were admitted into the university before fall 2018, you must complete a five-course Global Education College requirement or you will not graduate.  Visit the Global Education Advising Office (Thompson 128, tel. 577-1058) as soon as you are admitted to the major.

Your SPIRE Degree Progress Report will not work properly for Global Education until you visit this office and declare an option.

Can help with:

  • All questions pertaining to the Global Ed requirement
  • Declaring a Global Education option


Social and Behavioral Sciences Advising Office

STPEC majors should visit the Social and Behavioral Sciences Advising Office (Thompson 128, tel. 577-9277,) for any matter (such as those listed below) requiring a Dean’s approval or signature. 

The SBS Advising office can help with:

  • Approving late adds, late drops, late changes in grading basis
  • Course withdrawals
  • Enrolling in more than 19 credits during a semester
  • Petitions to enroll beyond the 10th  semester
  • Dean’s holds
  • Reinstatement from suspension or dismissal
  • Complicated Gen Ed requirement questions


Senior Staff in the Records Office

The Senior Staff in the Registar's Office are responsible for clearing seniors for graduation (Whitmore 201, tel. 545-0555).

The can help with:

  • Clearing university (Gen Ed) requirements
  • Final clearances for graduation
  • Changes in degree (graduation) dates