Campus Name, Gender Marker, and Email Address Changes

Campus Name | Gender Marker | Email Address

A trans student can fill out the form here to change their first name, gender marker, and email address.

Campus Name

The new name will be considered a student’s campus name and used in all places where a legal name is not needed (legal names need to appear on financial aid, employment, and insurance records, Bursar bills, and official transcripts). The campus name will appear on a student’s UCard, SPIRE, Zoom, unofficial transcript, Dean’s Lists, and in the databases used by advisors, New Student Orientation, Residential Life, Dining Commons, Parking Services, Campus Recreation, Information Technology, the Library, and other departments. Students do not need to have changed any other identification to request a campus name.

Undergraduates should email the form to the Office of the University Registrar at Graduate students should email the form to the Office of the Graduate Registrar at

Once the form has been submitted, students should go here for information about how to request a replacement UCard and schedule an appointment to pick it up.  

Gender Marker

At this time, students can only change their gender marker on non-legal campus records from F to M or from M to F.

Students who change their gender marker will be treated as this gender by the university whenever gender distinctions are made, such as for overnight housing during New Student Orientation, for housing assignments during the school year, and for intramural sports teams.

This change would only apply to internal University records that are not considered legal documents. It does not constitute a legal change in sex, and campus records that are viewed as legal documents (such as employment and financial aid records) will still include a student’s legal sex.

Email Address

If requested, Information Technology will assign a new public-facing email address that uses a student’s campus name.