Mentee Information

Goal of the Program:
The goal of the Stonewall Center Mentorship program is to provide an intentional semi-structured buddy and support system for first year and transfer LGBTQIA+ students transitioning to life at UMass, with a trained mentor who is knowledgeable about LGBTQIA+ life and services at the University and local community. It is our intention to promote a sense of belonging, positive identity development, personal and academic success, and healthy practices for LGBTQIA+ students at UMass through this program.

Mentee Expectations:

  • At a minimum, mentorship pairs will connect 2-3 times per month, with at least one in-person engagement per month.

  • This program is not intended to act as a dating service. Mentors and mentees may not engage in a romantic or sexual relationship while paired in the program.

  • Mentor and mentees may not engage in the recreational use of any illicit drugs or alcohol together at any time during their mentorship year, even if they are both at or above the legal drinking age or have prescription access to substances for medical use.

Mentees should be aware that mentors are expected to respect and maintain the privacy interests of their mentees, except in specific cases where reporting and support are required. Mentors are required to alert the Stonewall Center professional staff if a crisis intervention is necessary or has occurred.