LGBTQIA People and Allies

“Allies in progress” are professional and student staff and faculty at UMass Amherst who have attended an LGBTQIA workshop facilitated by the Stonewall Center. We say “allies in progress,” rather than simply “allies,” because allyship is an ongoing learning process, even for members of LGBTQIA communities (as an LGBTQIA individual is only a member of some of these communities). One does not become an ally through attending a single training or even multiple trainings. To be allied to LGBTQIA communities means continually educating and challenging oneself to be a better supporter.  To schedule a workshop for your office or department, please fill out the form here.

“Out @ UMass” consists of University staff and faculty who are out as LGBTQIA.  We provide this list because many students say that they do not know LGBTQIA-identified staff and faculty and have few role models and mentors.  While UMass needs more out LGBTQIA faculty and staff, especially trans faculty and staff, there are out people in many University departments (the staff and faculty listed describe their identities in their own words). To be listed on the Out @ Umass page, please email the Stonewall Center Director, Genny Beemyn: