Allied Staff and Faculty


The 221 staff and faculty listed below took the Stonewall Center's LGBTQIA+ Foundations and Allyship web course. Besides being listed here, staff and faculty who complete the training can receive a placard for their office that states that “this is a welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ people.” People can enroll in the course here.

Alumni Relations
Nathalie McCormick (she/her): Associate Director for Alumni Relations

College of Education
Anna Fox Reilly (she/her): Lecturer, Educational Policy, Research, and Administration
Fred Zinn (he/him): Associate Director Digital Learning, Education

College of Engineering
Chase Cornelison (he/him): Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Neil Forbes (he/him): Professor, Chemical Engineering
Cathal Kearney (he/him): Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Natalia Kolk (she/her): Academic Advisor, Biomedical Engineering
Emily Krems (she/her): Academic Advisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Emily Kumpel (she/her): Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Promise Mchenga (he/him): Assistant Director for Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Engineering
Paula Rees (she/her): Assistant Dean, Engineering
Nate Richbourg (he/him): Postdoctoral Researcher, Chemical Engineering
Nick Tooker (he/him): Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sam Wojda (she/her): Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering

College of Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA)
Amy Altadonna (she/her): Senior Lecturer, Theater
Anne Bello (she/her): Deputy Director, Writing Program
Cathryn Brubaker (she/her): Academic Advisor, Art
Elkie Burnside (she/they): Assistant Director, Writing Program
Karen Cardozo (she/her): Lecturer, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
Mallory Coakley (they/them): Choral TA, School of Music & Dance
Loni Edwards (she/her): Assistant to the Chair/Office Manager, English
Nicole O'Connell (she/her): Graduate student, English
Pam Haskins (she/her): Departmental Assistant, Art
Abbey Paccia (she/her): MFA Candidate, Art
Mikaël Petraccia (he/him): Building and Facilities Manager, Art
Ian Sedelow (he/him): Department Assistant, HFA
Iris Sowlat (she/her): Graduate student, Theater
Chandler Steckbeck (she/they): Graduate student, English
Cara Takakjian (she/her): Associate Dean, HFA; Senior Lecturer, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Marcia Roth Tucci (she/her): Academic Advisor, HFA Academic Advising Center

College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS)
Ernie Brooks (he/him): Academic Advisor, CICS
Donna Falcetti (she/her): Assistant Dean, CICS
Patience A.M. Hartley (she/her): Graduate Programs Assistant, CICS
Hee-Tae Jung (he/him): Postdoctoral Research Associate, CICS
Rachel Lavery (she/her): Grant and Contract Coordinator, CICS
Brian Lynn (he/him): Senior Programmer, CICS
Joyce Mazeski (she/her): Office Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusive Community Development, CICS
Jennifer Page (she/her): Associate Director of Communications and Marketing, CICS
Andre Kenneth "Chase" Randall (he/him): Teaching Assistant, CICS
Paul Sihvonen-Binder (he/him): Associate Software Specialist, CICS
Kyle Skemer (he/they): Graduate Program Assistant, CICS
Yair Zick (he/him): Assistant Professor, CICS

College of Natural Sciences (CNS)
Madelaine Bartlett (she/her, they/them): Associate Professor, Biology
Erin Battistoni (she/her): Academic Advisor, College of Natural Sciences Advising Center
Christine Battle-Otfinoski (she/her): Graduate student, Biology
John Bickford (he/him): Senior Lecturer II, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Tracy Blais (she/her): Associate Program Director & Internship Coordinator, Veterinary and Animal Sciences
Jeffrey Blanchard (he/they): Associate Professor, Biology
Amber Buescher (she/her): Accountant, Astronomy
Adena Calden (she/her): Senior Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics
Mallory Choudoir (she/her): Postdoctoral Research Associate, Microbiology
Emelia Cooper (she/her): Academic Advisor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Laura Danai (she/her): Lecturer, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Maria Dascălu (she/they): Graduate student, Mathematics and Statistics
Carolyn Davies (she/her): Lecturer, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Kristen DeAngelis (she/they): Associate Professor, Microbiology
Kirby Deater-Deckard (he/him): Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ann Folker (she/her): Graduate student, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Meghan Gennings (she/her): Farm Lab Technician, Veterinary and Animal Sciences
John Gibbons (he/him): Assistant Professor, Food Science
Michelle Gilbert (she/her): Ph.D. Candidate, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Lori Goldner (she/her): Professor, Physics
Amanda Hamel (she/her): Senior Lecturer: Psychological and Brain Sciences
Lisa Harvey (she/her): Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Patrick Heng (he/him): Graduate student, Earth, Geographic, & Climate Sciences
Hannah Hollister (she/her): Communications and Curriculum Manager, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Leo Hwang (he/him): Assistant Academic Dean, CNS
Linda Isbell (she/her): Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Beth Jakob (she/her): Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Professor, Biology
Agnès Lacreuse (she/her): Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Julia LaValley (she/her): Ph.D. student, Neuroscience and Behavior
Amanda Leigh-Hawkins (she/her): Coordinator, Interdepartmental Graduate Programs Office
Christopher Martell (he/him): Director, Psychological Services Center
Gina Mason (she/her): Postdoctoral Research Associate, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Jennifer McDermott (she/her): Associate Professor Psychological and Brain Sciences
Christina Metevier (she/her): Senior Lecturer, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Toni Lyn Morelli (she/her): Adjunct Professor, Environmental Conservation
Kaitlyn O'Konis (she/her): Career/Academic Advisor, Mathematics and Statistics
Maureen Perry-Jenkins (she/her): Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Becky Ready (she/her): Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Lexie Renna (she/her): Business Manager, Environmental Conservation
Nancy Robbins (she/her): Manager of Laboratory Instruction, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Alissa Rothchild (she/her): Assistant Professor, Veterinary and Animal Science
Helen Sajo (she/her): Graduate student, Geography
Lisa Sanders (she/her): Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Alexandra Smychkovich (she/her): Graduate student, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Andrew Spracklen (he/him): Lecturer, Biology
Rebecca Stowe (she/her): Senior Lecturer, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Catarina Teves (she/her): Graduate student, Neuroscience & Behavior
Brokk Toggerson (he/him): Lecturer, Physics
Katrina Velle (she/her): Postdoctoral Researcher, Biology
Megan Vinella (she/they): Graduate student, Earth, Geographic, & Climate Sciences
Pat Wadsworth (she/her): Professor, Biology
Elsbeth Walker (she/her): Professor, Biology
Francesca Walsh (she/her): Graduate student, Neuroscience and Behavior
Molly Watstein (they/them): LMT Community Support Scientist, Astronomy
Megan West (she/her): Director of Administration and Outreach, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Jun Yan (he/him): Associate Professor, Physics
Robin Young (he/him): Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Caralyn Zehnder (she/her): Senior Lecturer, Biology

College of Nursing
Mary Ellen Burke (she/her): Associate Clinical Professor, Nursing
Gina Grabowski (she/her): Simulation Lab Faculty, Nursing
Cynthia Jacelon (she/her): Professor and Executive Associate Dean, Nursing
Raeann LeBlanc (they/them): Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
Stephanie Babinski Brewer (she/her): Director of Undergraduate Advising, Economics
Rebecca Bell (she/her): Associate Director, Office of Career & Professional Development, SBS Pathways Center
Vanessa Blais (she/her): Academic Dean, SBS Pathways Center
Grazielle Valentim Figueredo (she/her): Graduate student, Sociology
Jane Fountain (she/her): Distinguished University Professor and Director, School of Public Policy
Monica Garcia (she/her): Director of Undergraduate Advising, STPEC
Adrian Grace (she/her): Director of Advising, Political Science
Felicia Griffin-Fennell (she/her): Director, SBS Academic Fellows Program and Lecturer, Sociology
Sujata Rege Konowitz (she/her): Senior Academic Advisor, Political Science/Legal Studies
Greeley Kyle (he/him): Senior Lecturer, Journalism
Ah-Ram Lee (she/her): Assistant Professor, Journalism
Marcie Muehlke (she/her): Assistant Director for Career Services, School of Public Policy
Marianne Neal-Joyce (she/her): Senior Academic Advisor, Communication
Maria Puppolo (she/her): Lecturer, Political Science/Legal Studies
Betsy Schmidt (she/her): Professor, Public Policy and Administration
Danielle Sedelow (she/her): Administrative Coordinator, Anthropology

Commonwealth Honors College (CHC)
Carter McClintock (he/him): Academic Advisor, CHC

Enrollment Management
​Morgan Donovan-Hall (she/her): Director, Transfer Admissions 
Jules Lauzier (she/her): Assistant Director of Events for Enrollment Management
Rosalee Scannell (she/her): Associate Director of MassTransfer Admissions, Transfer Admissions/Enrollment Management

Facilities & Campus Services
Beth Desbien (she/her): Customer Service Representative, Facilities & Campus Services
Liz Tousignant (she/her): Customer Service Representative, Facilities & Campus Services

Fine Arts Center
Alexia Cota (she/her): Interim Director, Augusta Savage Gallery

Graduate School
Heidi Bauer-Clapp (she/her): Associate Director, Office of Professional Development, Graduate School
Nicole Kelder (she/her): Executive Assistant to the Graduate Dean, Graduate School
Denise Pope (she/her): Lecturer, Graduate School
Johanna Yunker (she/her): Associate Director, Office of Professional Development, Graduate School

Human Resources (HR)
Elise Budziszewski (she/her): Clerk/Payroll Specialist, HR

Information Technology (IT)
Sam Anderson (use my name): Associate Manager, Instructional Innovation, IT
Mark Renaud (he/him): Senior Applications Designer, IT
Sarah Tennyson (she/her): Lead Systems Engineer, IT

International Programs Office
Katie Ahlman (she/her): International Student and Scholar Advisor, International Programs Office

Isenberg School of Management (ISOM)
Laura Banks (she/her): Senior Academic Advisor, ISOM
Sarah Belanger (she/her): Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs, ISOM
Susan Carey (she/her): Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs, ISOM
BZ Catalano (she/her): Program Coordinator, ISOM
Logan Dunnigan (he/him): Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs, ISOM
Sue King (she/her): Office Manager, Management
Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca (he/him): Berthiaume Chaired Professor of Leadership, Management
Jessica Lee (she/her): Office Manager, Operations and Information Management
Rachel Snyder (she/her): Assistant Director of Career Development, ISOM
Katie Sosnowski (she/her): Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs, ISOM
Amber Tyrala (she/her): Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs, ISOM
Jason Willwerth (he/him): Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs, ISOM
Ashley Witt (she/her): Accreditation Coordinator, ISOM

Mount Ida Campus
Peter Dutilloy (he/him): Integrated Service Desk Specialist, Wadsworth Library
Annmarie Morawiak (she/her): Lecturer, Veterinary Technology Program

Public Health Promotion Center
Ann Becker (she/her): Public Health Director
Alyssa Blake (she/her): Public Health Nurse
Beth Pearlstein (she/her): Public Health Nurse Case Manager
William Shrenker (he/him): Public Health Case Manager

Research & Engagement
Melinda LeLacheur (name as pronoun or she/her): Program Coordinator, Office of Research Compliance

School of Public Health and Health Sciences (SPHHS)
Sasha Adkins (they/them): Lecturer, Environmental Health
Elizabeth Cook (she/her): Lecturer, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Karl Cyr (he/him): Lecturer, Health Promotion and Policy
Erin DeCou (she/her): Quality 4 All Lab Project Manager, SPHHS
Sarah Goff (she/her):: Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Policy
Megan Gross (she/her): Assistant Professor; Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Kate Hayes (she/her): Postdoctoral Research Associate, Kinesiology
Tomma Henckel (she/her): Clinical faculty, Communication Disorders
Trisha Henegan (she/her): Graduate student, Environmental Health Sciences
Jill Hoover (she/her): Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Communication Disorders
Jesse Hunsicker (they/he): Academic Advisor, Public Health Sciences
Meredith Kern (she/her): Interim Department Administrator, Kinesiology
Jennifer Mack (she/her): Assistant Professor, Communication Disorders
Emily Marques (she/her): Postdoctoral Research Associate, Environmental Health Sciences
Katherine Reeves (she/her): Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies, SPHHS
Jo Shackelford (she/her): Senior Lecturer, Communication Disorders
Risa Silverman (she/her): Director, Office for Public Health Practice and Outreach
Lisa Sommers (she/her): Clinic Director and Clinical Associate Professor, Communication Disorders
Cassie Spracklen (she/her): Assistant Professor, Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Alicia Timme-Laragy (she/her): Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Laura Vandenberg (she/her): Academic Dean, School of Public Health and Health Sciences
Brigid Williams (she/her): Chief Undergraduate Advisor, Public Health Sciences

Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL)
Rachel Adams (she/her): Assistant Director, Disability Services
Corona Anderson (they/she): Residence Director, Residence Education
Karl Bluemel (he/they): Residence Education Coordinator for Selection, Training, and Leadership, Residential Life
Tyler Bradley (he/they): Residence Director, Residence Education
David Browne (he/him): Clinical Social Worker, Center for Counseling and Psychological Health
Wilma Crespo (she/her): Director, Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success (CMASS)
Nicholas D'Amato (he/him): Senior Assistant Director for Sport Programs, Campus Recreation
Christopher Dang (he/him): Residence Director, Residence Education
Kate Farmer (she/her): Graduate Assistant, Center for Health Promotion
Stephanie Frascadore (she/her): Case Manager for Graduate Students, Dean of Students Office
Britany Gallagher (she/they): Residence Director, Residence Education
Kimberly Hickie (she/her): Office Manager, CMASS
Bridget Hynes (she/her): Director, Upward Bound
Jason Incorvati (he/him): Associate Director for Programs and Student Development, Campus Recreation
Jennifer Lexington (she/her): Staff Psychologist, Center for Counseling and Psychological Health
Antonia Lynch (she/her): Clerk, Office of Disability Services
Carlie Mannai (she/her): Coordinator for Fitness, Campus Recreation
Rylie Molloy (she/her): Rape Crisis Specialist, Center for Women & Community
Caroline Mosteller (she/her): Residence Director, Residence Education
Dave Neely (he/him): Director of Diversity Education and Training, Advocacy, Inclusion, and Support Programs
Sarah Rost (she/her): Learning Specialist, Disability Services
Brad Seligmann (he/him): Director, Office of Religious & Spiritual Life
Emily Stewart (she/her): Learning Specialist, Disability Services

Transportation Services
Connie Englert (she/her): Director, Transportation Services

Undergraduate Registrar's Office
Alexa Potter (she/her): Clerk, Undergraduate Registrar’s Office

Undergraduate Student Success
Sierra Archer (she/her): Graduate Assistant for Academic Initiatives, Student Success Persistence Programs and Advising Support
Carolyn Bassett (she/her): Associate Provost for Student Success
Pamela Crawford (she/her): Clerk, Student Success Persistence Programs
Carley Paleologopoulos (she/her): Assistant Director, Advising and Academic Initiatives

University Health Services (UHS)
Julie Cardinal (she/her): Clinical Registered Nurse, UHS
Cindy Hildebrand (she/her): Resource Nurse, UHS

University Libraries
Rebecca Addison (she/her): Library Assistant, Acquisitions
Thea Atwood (she/her): Data Services Librarian
Tanner Carlson (he/him): Academic Support Coordinator
Sierra Chastain-Rittue (she/they): Health Sciences Librarian
Carol Connare (she/her): Director of Communication
Anne Graham (she/her): Science and Engineering Librarian
Ann Kardos (she/her): Metadata Librarian
Jess LaJoie (she/her): Day Supervisor, Science & Engineering Library
Alison Messier (she/her): Business & Entrepreneurship Services Librarian
Deborah Place (she/her): Course Reserves Specialist
Melanie Radik (she/her): Science and Engineering Librarian
Maria Rios (she/her): Humanities Research Librarian
Annette Vadnais (she/her): Student Success & Outreach Librarian