Parents and Students, are you concerned about the return on your investment?

Many wonder about the return on investment (ROI) of a college education, is it worth it?? Add to the equation whether one even needs a college degree to become a landscape contractor and on the surface it appears as though the answers are ‘Its not worth it and no you don’t need a degree to become a landscape contractor’.

Taken from a slightly different perspective, the answers quickly turn into Yes its well worth it and YES you need a degree to become a professional landscape contractor.

What is that perspective? It is simply the perspective of time. Our alumni who have this perspective will attest that it is well worth the investment as the education helps to position graduates for attaining careers that have greater opportunities for professional advancement and income. These same alumni will tell you that the education they received in subjects like Botany, Soils, Entomology, Pathology, Construction and Surveying while attending the Stockbridge School of Agriculture is applied on a regular basis. This foundation of knowledge and skills is not easily learned in the field. The individual with these skills becomes a valuable employee with the potential for career advancement.

Clients are becoming more and more discerning while selecting  Professional Landscape Contractors. The Professional Landscape Contractors capability and capacity to fulfil project requirements come into question as bids are being awarded. Earning an Associates Degree in Landscape Contracting builds the foundation needed to be successful as a Professional Landscape Contractor.