Spring 2018 Series

Mondays 4:00-5:00pm
All presentations will take place in 202 Paige Laboratory unless otherwise noted.

  • Jan. 29, 2018: Patrick Megonigal, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center -- Plant-microbe interactions regulate greenhouse gas feedbacks to global change in a model tidal marsh -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • Feb. 5: Caitlin Hicks-Pries, Dartmouth -- Digging Deeper: The vulnerability of soil organic carbon to climate change -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • Feb. 12: Stuart Grandy, University of New Hampshire -- From where and how do plants get nitrogen: Revisiting paradigms of soil nitrogen cycling and availability -- hosted by Katie Campbell-Nelson
  • Feb. 19: Holiday - Presidents Day - No Seminar
  • Feb. 26, 4:30PM: Lynn Adler, UMass Amherst -- Floral traits mediating pathogens in pollinators -- hosted by Elsa Petit
  • Mar. 5: Seeta Sistla, Hampshire College -- Exploring the ecological impacts of utility-scale solar arrays: A New England case study -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • Mar. 12: Spring Break - No Seminar
  • Mar. 19: No Seminar
  • Mar. 26: Bob Marra, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station -- Nondestructive quantification of internal decay in living trees using tomography: a new paradigm for estimating forest carbon stocks -- hosted by Geunwha Jung
  • Apr. 2: Jason White, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station -- Nanotechnology & agriculture: Assessing the balance between applications & implications -- hosted by Om Parkash Dhankher
  • Apr. 9: Elijah Peterson, NIST -- Strategies to improve reliability of nanoecotoxicity assays -- hosted by Baoshan Xing
  • Apr. 16: Holiday - Patriot's Day - No Seminar
  • Apr. 23: Aruna Kilaru, Eastern Tennessee State University -- Marijuana to Moss: Discovery and Implications of N-acylethanolamines -- hosted by Om Parkash Dhankher and Prasanta Bhowmik
  • Apr. 30: Sibongile Mafu, UMass Amherst -- Natural products - The chemical language of plants -- hosted by Michelle DaCosta


Past Series Presenters

Fall 2017 Series

Mondays 4:00-5:00pm
All presentations will take place in 202 Paige Laboratory unless otherwise noted.

  • Sept. 11, 2017: Tim Randhir, UMass -- Multiscale Research for Sustainability of Agroecological Systems under Changing Climate -- hosted by Masoud Hashemi
  • Sept. 18: Dong Wang, UMass -- How to Make Friends and Influence Bacteria in the Nitrogen-fixing Symbiosis -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • Sept. 25: Lewis Ziska, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD -- CO2 is Plant Food and Why that Should Concern You -- hosted by Prasanta Bhowmik
  • Oct. 2: Andy Pereira, University of Arkansas -- Systems Genetics of Abiotic Stress Response in Rice -- hosted by Om Parkash Dhankher
  • Oct. 16: Joel Pedersen, University of Wisconsin-Madison -- Nanomaterial Interactions at Biological Interfaces: Insights from Model Systems -- hosted by Baoshan Xing
  • Oct. 23: Julie Fine, UMass -- Cover Crops for Sustainable Sweet Corn Production in New England -- hosted by Masoud Hashemi
  • Nov. 2: Jonathan Lynch, Penn State -- Roots of the Second Green Revolution -- co-hosted by Michelle DaCosta and Prasanta Bhowmik
  • Nov. 6: Frank Sleeger, UMass -- Phythotechnologies - Opportunities for Reframing Urban Landscapes through Design -- hosted by Om Parkash Dhankher
  • Nov. 13: Anissa Poleatewitch, University of New Hampshire -- Use of Host Resistance and Biocontrol for Management of Plant Disease in Horticulture -- hosted by Elsa Petit
  • Nov. 27: Isaac Larson, UMass -- Soil Dynamics in Two of Earth's Most Rapidly Eroding Landscapes -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • Dec. 4: Liz Garofalo, UMass -- Disease Forecast Models: When Climate Changes the Rules -- hosted by Dan Cooley


Spring 2017 Series

Mondays 4:00-5:00pm
All presentations will take place in 202 Paige Laboratory unless otherwise noted.

  • Feb. 6, 2017: Duane Greene, UMass -- Apple Thinning Guid by Physiological Principles -- hosted by Mandy Bayer
  • Feb. 13: Klaus Nusslein, UMass -- Land Use Change Affects Soil Microbial Diversity and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in the Amazon Rainforest -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • Thursday, March 2: Mary Firestone, University of California, Berkley -- The interconnected rhizosphere. Location: Room 222 Morrill Science Center South -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • March 6: Hesham Abdullah, UMass -- Transcriptome and metabolome networks directing the flow of carbon into seed oil in Camelina sativa -- hosted by Om Parkash
  • March 20: Mike Rawlins, UMass -- Climate Change in the Northeast US: Recent Trends and Future Projections -- hosted by Om Parkash 
  • March 27: Rajeev Arora, Iowa State University -- Systems and Approaches to Studying Plants' Response to Freezing Stress: A Physiological Perspective -- hosted by Michelle DaCosta
  • April 3: Geunhwa Jung, Umass -- Xenobiotic detoxification conferring multidrug resistance in plant pathogenic fungi and cancer cells -- hosted by Mandy Bayer
  • April 10: Elisha Allan-Perkins, UMass -- The Turf Phytobiome: Understanding how management affects bacteria, fungi, and nematodes -- hosted by Mandy Bayer
  • April 24: Dale Bremer, Kansas State University -- Evaluating the utility of small unmanned aircrast systems for turfgrass management -- hosted by Scott Ebdon


Fall 2016 Series

Mondays, 4:00-5:00PM
All seminars will be held in 202 Paige Laboratory unless otherwise noted.

  • September 12: Steve Young, Northeastern IPM Center -- The need for Frameworks in managing agricultural systems -- hosted by Masoud Hashemi
  • September 19: John Stoffolano, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, UMass Amherst -- The impact of flies in Agriculture, Food Safety, and Horticulture -- hosted by Mandy Bayer
  • September 26: David McNear, University of Kentucky -- The influence of Plant Fungal Endosymbionts on Rhizosphere Processes and Nutrient Acquisition -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • October 3: Robert Hurt, Brown University -- Out of their Comfort Zone: Transformation and degradation of synthetic nanomaterials in the natural environment -- hosted by Baoshan Xing
  • October 10: Holiday: Columbus Day
  • October 17: Dan Roberts, University of Tennessee -- Breaking down the hourglass: The multiple roles of nodulin intrinsic proteins in plant nutrition and stress responses. Location: Room 221 ISB. Joint Seminar with PB and Om Parkash. 
  • October 24:: Quan Zeng, Connecticut Ag. Exp. Station -- Using Comparative Genomics Approaches to Understand an Emerging Turfgrass Disease: What questions can we ask and What do we learn? -- hosted by Dan Cooley
  • October 31: Kristen DeAngelis, Umass -- Parsing physical, chemical, and biological feedbacks to climate in response to chronic forest soil warming. -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • November 7: Jacob Barney, VPI -- What do we actually know about the ecological impacts of invasive plants -- hosted by Prasanta Bhowmik
  • November 14: Klaus Nusslein, UMass  -- Land Use Change Affects Soil Microbial Diversity and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in the Amazon Rainforest -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • November 21: Elizabeth Roberts, Southern Connecticut State University -- Fungi, Fescue, and a Tripartite Mutualism -- hosted by Michelle DaCosta
  • November 28: David Hibbett, Clark University -- Diversity and Evolution of saprotrophic capabilities in ectomycorrhizal mushrooms -- hosted by Graduate Society of Mycology (SMUTS)

Spring 2016 Series 

Mondays, 4:00-5:00PM
All seminars will be held in 202 Paige Laboratory unless otherwise noted

  • February 1 -- Nick Brazee, UMass Extension --  The rotten truth: non-destructive detection of internal decay in living trees and the effects on carbon sequestration -- hosted by Mandy Bayer
  • February 8 -- Marco Keiluweit, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, UMass Amherst -- Mapping Carbon Flow Through Soils; Ecosystem and Global Impacts -- hosted by Masoud Hashemi
  • February 15 -- Holiday: President’s Day 
  • February 22 -- Lili He, Dept. of Food Science, UMass Amherst -- Development of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy in food safety applications-- hosted by  Baoshan Xing
  • February 29 -- Bill Fry, School of Integrative Plant Sciences, Cornell University -- Phytophthora infestans: Lessons from a "model" microbe -- hosted by Elsa Petit
  • March 7 -- Lee Ferguson,  Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University -- Carbon nanotubes in the aquatic environment:  Analytical challenges and interactions with organic contaminants -- hosted by Baoshan Xing
  • March 14 -- Spring Break 
  • March 21 -- Franck Dayan, Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, Colorado State University Sorgoleone and Its Role in Sorghum Allelopathy -- hosted by Prasanta Bhowmik
  • March 28 -- Gurdev Khush, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis -- What it will take to feed 9 billion people in 2050 -- Location: ISB Room 221 -- hosted by Om Parkash
  • April 4 -- Kate Fiedler -- Current status of microbial food quality in fresh market vegetables in Bangladesh -- hosted by Rob Wick
  • April 11 -- Greg LeFevre, Iowa State University -- Plant Uptake and Metabolism of Emerging Contaminants: Discovering Novel Transformation Products in the Laboratory and Food Crops -- hosted by Marco Keiluweit
  • April 25 -- P.V. Vara Prasad, Kansas State University -- Sustainable Intensification for Improved Climate Resiliency and Food Security -- hosted by Om Parkash