In October 2020, US News & World Report published their 2021 Ranking of the Top Agricultural Universities in the World.  UMass Amherst ranked 4th in the World, and 1st in the United States.

"We are delighted," said Stockbridge School of Agriculture Director, Dr. Wesley Autio. "Of course, we think the 157-year-old University of Massachusetts has always been among the 'go to' schools for excellent undergraduate education, but it is wonderful to get this recognition" continued Dr. Autio.

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture offers 5 Associate of Sciences, 4 Bachelor of Sciences, M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.  As nationally recognized winners of the Collegiate Turf Bowl Competition, the Turfgrass Science and Management degree program, cites 100% job placement following graduation.  The Sustainable Food and Farming Program, which allows students to concentrate on farming and marketing, agricultural education and public policy has grown from just 5 students in 2003 to 130 today.  Other Associate and Bachelor programs focus on all aspects of agricultural science, important in a rapidly changing world.

Autio believes that the international recognition is long overdue and  that "educational programs and our World-class research have really put us on the map." He concludes “our alums will certainly tell you that Stockbridge is among the top agricultural programs in the world.”