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2024 Student Farm CSA Shares Poster

The UMass Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a business run entirely by the UMass Student Farm students.

Simply put, a CSA program is a partnership between farmers and their local community where both parties benefit. Our “members” or “shareholders” purchase a farm share in the spring, and in the fall they receive their “share” of fresh, organic produce each week for ten weeks.  Each share will include a variety of different vegetables each week.  In 2024 we are growing over 40 different types of vegetables, flowers and herbs!


See below for details on collecting your shares...

Frequently Asked Questions About Our CSA Program

What is a CSA share?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you buy a share in spring or summer, you become entitled to ten weeks of fresh produce pickups at the fall harvest.  You'll pick up around 25 pounds of fresh produce every week for 10 weeks.

Who can buy a CSA share and how much does it cost?
Our shares are open to the UMass community, including faculty/staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  You must reserve your CSA share with a minimum $200 deposit while supplies last.  Or you can save $25 by paying for your CSA share in full before May 1st.  Both early bird shares and deposits on regular shares can be paid by credit card via the signup form (available soon).

All UMass Students
One Early Bird CSA Share Paid in Full Before May 1: $375 (Save $25!)

One Regular CSA Share After May 1: $400

UMass Faculty/Staff
One Early Bird CSA Share Paid in Full Before May 1: $425 (Save $25!)

One Regular CSA Share After May 1: $450

One "Friend of the Farm" CSA Share: $550.  Pay a little extra for your share if you are able to.  We appreciate your support!

Is there a "Buy Now Pay Later" option?
Discounted early bird shares must be paid in full by May 1.  If buying a regular share after May 1st, you should reserve your share as soon as possible with a $200 deposit (while supplies last).  You would then be responsible for paying the remaining balance by September 1, 2024 via cash or check.

How much food is it? How many people can it feed?
Our share averages 25 lbs per week, depending on what's in season. It can comfortably feed 2-6 people per week depending on how many veggies you eat. On average, people usually split it between a household of 3-4 people.

Can I split a share with someone?
Yes! We encourage it and may be able to connect you with someone to share with.  Email us at @email for more information.

I don't have a car, is the share easy to carry on a bike or on the bus?
Many of our CSA members ride the bus or bike home! Each week shares will be packaged in a wax 1 and 1/9 bushel box for members to take home. 

How long does it go for?
In 2024, fall CSA distributions will happen on Fridays starting on September 13th and ending on November 15th (10 weeks).

When do I get it?
Distribution is from 12-4pm each Friday at the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation Hall (the farm barn) located at 961 North Pleasant St., Amherst MA 01002.

What happens if I am on vacation or can’t pick up my share in the allotted time?
If you know you will not be able to attend a market and still want your share, please ask a friend to pick it up for you. If you do not pick up a share then you will not be able to make it up in the next week.  Excess food will always be donated to a local hunger relief agency.

Will I know in advance what will be in my share?
Yes. We send out weekly emails  before each pick up that will include information about what crops we will have available that week, recipes, and general updates about the farm.

Why should I buy a CSA from the Student Farm?
When you buy a share from the Student Farm, you are supporting a program that aims to train the next generation of organic vegetable farmers. Our business is unique because it's not just a business! We are students learning practical skills we will use for the rest of our lives. We are so thankful for everyone that supports each crew’s journey every season. UMass started as an agricultural school and we are helping keep UMass rooted in its core values.

How can I contact you?
Please email us with any questions at @email

Donate to the Farm

If you can afford to do so, please consider donating to the Student Farm in order to help us continue to run and expand our farm to better serve you.  Regardless of your contribution level, we are beyond humbled by your continued support.  Thank you very much!