Sustainability and active community participation are two defining qualities of the Stockbridge School.  We're situated in an agrarian community, and many of our students come from local farm families across New England.  So a partnership between the Stockbridge School and New England Public Media has naturally emerged.

Beginning with the Spring 2023 season, Stockbridge School will be a promoted sponsor for "As Schools Match Wits," the televised quiz competition for more than 25 teams of academic achievers from local and regional high schools.  Saturdays at 7pm, tune in to NEPM TV to watch the best and brightest high schoolers of New England as they display their collective talents, answering questions based in high school academics.  Programs are re-run Sundays at 10:30am, and are also available online anytime at

Two fifteen-second video spots will air in alternation, announcing our sponsorship at the start of each episode, along with some of the majors we offer.  Previews of the two spots are available:

Stockbridge Sponsorship Spot 1

Stockbridge Sponsorship Spot 2

Stockbridge is pleased to support New England Public Media, and we encourage ASMW contestants, their families, and friends, to visit us on the UMass campus and see what we're all about.  Prospective students are encouraged to Request a Tour of Stockbridge.