Secondary Major in Sustainable Food and Farming

We offer a flexible secondary major for UMass students who are interested in Sustainable Food and Farming! There is some flexibility depending on a student’s career goals and previous course work.  Be sure to talk with your advisor about your options. Please note these requirements are for a secondary major and not dual degree.
Students must complete the following to earn a Secondary Major in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

I. SFF Core Requirements:

1. Botany STOCKSCH 108 - Intro to Botany (4)

2. Soil Science STOCKSCH 105 - Soil Science (4)

3. Ecosystems - Choose one
BIOLOGY 287 — Ecology (3)
STOCKSCH 186 - Introduction to Permaculture (3)
STOCKSCH 297 B – Forest Gardens: Perennial Ag for Ecological Regeneration (3)
STOCKSCH 390 N – Ecosystem Processes (3)
STOCKSCH 510 – Management and Ecology of Plant Diseases (3)
(or other courses with permission of the advisor)

4.  Food/Land Policy or Agricultural Education - Choose one
STOCKSCH 297 AL – Agricultural Leadership and Education  I (3)
STOCKSCH 397 AL - Agricultural Leadership and Education  II (3)
STOCKSCH 355 - Community Food Systems (3)
STOCKSCH 356 - Food Justice and Policy (3)
STOCKSCH 387 – Global Food Systems (3)
STOCKSCH 397R – Social Permaculture: Building Resilient Communities (3)

II. SFF Agricultural Science & Practice Requirements:

​These courses comprise the “heart” of the major and make the Stockbridge School of Agriculture unique in the nation.  They consist of both traditional agricultural science courses which are offered at most major agricultural universities, as well as practical hands-on classes that make UMass the place to study sustainable agriculture! Some related classes from outside of Stockbridge may count towards these requirements, be sure and speak with your advisor about the options. 

Students must take the remaining STOCKSCH electives needed (apx 16 more credits in addition to Core above) to total 30 credits in STOCKSCH. Note: 6 credit maximum at the 100 level. A full list of STOCKSCH courses can be found on SPIRE or here.

Contact Sarah Berquist, Program Coordinator and advisor for more information: