Class Lists with Live Links to Course Descriptions

(We are always adding new classes and sometimes haven't updated the categories below yet, so for a complete list see here):

General Requirements  

  • MATH 100 OR MATH 104 (3) (MTH 100 typically offered Spring semester and 104 in Winter & Summer, but best to check the Math online schedule here:
  • ENGLWRIT 111 or 112 (3)  (Offered online at UMass as full summer course May 21-Aug.17. Occasionally fall/spring semesters too. Equivalent course is allowed with approval. Placement exam info)
  • STOCKSCH 106 - Soil Science and Management (3)   Or equivalent (with approval)
  • STOCKSCH 108 - Intro to Botany (4) 
  • STOCKSCH 198F -  Sustainable Food & Farming Internship (3)  By combining your classroom education with experience in the field, your practicum/internship should be a highlight of your Stockbridge education. Every internship is different and the requirements have flexibility. If you are working to establish your own farm for example, and your life situation is such that you are not able to complete an independent study away from home, we can find a “residential solution.”

Plant & Animal Production Systems (Choose 2 courses). Please note that we add/change classes regularly, so for full list please see here:

Economic & Social Systems (Choose 2 courses). Please note that we add and change classes regularly, so for the full list please see here:

Practicum Course 

  • STOCKSCH 398B –  Agricultural Practicum  (1-6)
  • A maximum of 9 credits from internships/practicums can be applied to your degree (STOCKSCH 398B and STOCKSCH 198F)
  • The Independent Study class, STOCKSCH 196, can also be taken and does not count against the limit of 9 practicum credits (STOCKSCH 198, 298, 398). Please keep in mind that an academic sponsor is needed to take STOCKSCH 196.

Professional Electives

  • Speak with your academic advisor about Electives to approve courses you want to count in this category (from our online course offerings as well as practicum credits and any approved transfer credits)
  • Please use the Downloadable Graduation Requirement Spreadsheet (below) to track your courses. Make sure the total credits equal 60 for graduation.

For more information on the Math and English requirements and placement tests see: Math and English

(Excel Spreadsheet to track your own progress toward graduation. Keep in mind that some courses might be missing since we add new courses quickly, but any Sustainable Food & Farming course that we offer will count towards your degree!)

How to Enroll for Classes