Ph. D.,  Plant Molecular Biology (1998), Durham University, United Kingdom
M. Phil.,  Biochemistry and Genetics (1998), Kurukshetra University (India)
M. Sc.,  Botany (1987), Kurukshetra University (India)
B. Sc.,  Medical (1985), Maharishi Dayanand University (India)


• STOCKSCH 650 - Global Challenges in Agriculture and the Environment
• STOCKSCH/ENVIRSCI 587/687 - Phyto/Bioremediation
• STOCKSCH 591A - Plant Biotechnology
• STOCSCH 390A - Plant Biotechnology and Tissue Culture (Laboratory)
• Honors 391A – Climate Change and Global Food Security Challenges


  • Molecular and biochemical mechanisms of abiotic stress tolerance in plants (including heavy metals, drought, high temperature, salinity and nutrient stress) for developing ‘climate resilient crops'
  • Glutathione homeostasis for enhanced oxidative stress tolerance in plants for improved crop productivity
  • Metabolic engineering of oil seed crops for increasing oil contents for food, biofuels and value-added bioproducts
  • Molecular and physiological strategies for developing arsenic free rice
  • Engineering non-food crops for phytoremediation of heavy metals and metalloids
  • Nanomaterial as nano-fertilizes and nano-pesticides for sustainable agriculture and food safety


  • Selected Fellow of the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA)
  • Selected Fellow of the Agronomy Society of America (ASA)
  • Selected Fellow of the International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB)
  • Selected Fellow of the Indian Society for Plant Physiology
  • Outstanding Agriculture Research Scientist Award, Association of Agriculture Scientist of Indian Origin (AASIO)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Research Award, UMass Amherst (2022)
  • Nominated as the Fellow of the American Association of the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS)- 2022
  • Elected Vice President for the International Phytotechnology Society (IPS, 2015-2018, 2019-2023)
  • Haryana Gaurav Samman Award, Govt of Haryana State, India (2017)
  • Chair, Faculty Senate Council for University Relations and Advancement (2016-2019)
  • Member, International Award Committee, Agronomy Society of America (ASA)- 2019-2021
  • Member, International Award Committee, Crop Science Society of America (ASA)- 2019-2021
  • Member, Steering Committee Responding to Climate Change, Worldwide University Network (WUN) (2016-2022)
  • Adjunct Professor, Haryana Agriculture University Hisar, India (2019- present)
  • Member, Faculty Senate Council for University Relations and Advancement (2019-2021)
  • Member, Dean’s Research Advisory Committee, College of Natural Sciences, UMass (2017-2021, 2021-2024)
  • Member Executive Committee, Indian Society of Plant Physiology (ISPP), 2015-present
  • Faculty Honor/ Recognition for Patent Awards, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2018, 2020
  • Healey Endowment Award for Faculty Research, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2005
  • Award of Excellence for Outstanding Research, Division of Environmental Chemistry, American Chemical Society, New Orleans, 2003
  • Best Presentation Award at an international conference "Heavy Metals in Plants: Ecosystem to Biomolecules", University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2002
  • Commonwealth Scholarship Award by Commonwealth Commission London (U.K.), October 1994 to December 1997


  • Editor, Plant Cell Reports (2022- present)
  • Editor, Plant Physiology Reports (2015- present)
  • Editor, International Journal of Plant & Environment (2015- present)
  • Editor, Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants published by Elsevier (2004-2009).
  • Senior Associate Editor, International J. of Phytoremediation, 2016-present
  • Associate Editor, The Plant Genome (2022-2024)
  • Associate Editor, Crop Science (2020-2023)
  • Associate Editor, Food & Energy Security, 2019- present
  • Guest Editor for 6 Special Issues (Plant Cell and Environment; Journal of Experimental Botany; Genes; Frontiers in Plant Sciences; International Journal of Molecular Sciences; Indian J. Plant Physiology)
  • Associate Editor, Frontiers in Plants- Agricultural Biological Chemistry, 2014-2018.
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Plant Biology Research, 2014-2017.
  • Editorial Board, Plants, 2019-present
  • Editorial Board, International J. of Phytoremediation (2009- present)
  • Editorial Board, Plant and Soil Journal (2007-2011)


  • American Society for Plant Biologists (since 2001)
  • Crop Soil Society of America (since 2013),
  • Agronomy Society of America (since 2013)
  • Soil Science Society of America (since 2022)
  • International Phytotechnology Society (since 2009)
  • International Society for Environmental Botanists (since 2009)


Received ~ $10 millions as PI and Co-PI, since Joining UMass-Amherst in 2005 from various international, national and regional funding agencies in the form of grants and contracts


117 publications (113 published, 4 under review), 4 published Books, 5 International Patents, one Technical Note, one Policy/White Paper, over 150 abstracts/conference proceedings, One Podcast, and edited/editing 6 special issues)

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Technical Notes

Om Parkash Dhankher. Fact sheet- Crambe abyssinica. Prepared for the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources used for educational purpose for biofuel crops in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Submitted to MDAR, Massachusetts Govt. October 2009.

White Paper/Policy Document

Climate Resilient Open Partnership for Food Security (CROP-FS) Tackles Gritty  Issues of Global Food Security. Submitted June 2016. Lead Author: Om Parkash Dhankher on behalf of 14 other project partners.

Books Edited/Published: 4 Books

Genetic Manipulation in Plants for Mitigation of Climate Change. Eds: Pawan K. Jaiwal, Rana P. Singh and Om P. Dhankher. Springer Publishers, ISBN: 978-81-322-2660-4 (2016).

The Brassicaceae-Agri-Horticultural and Environmental Perspectives. Eds: Naser A. Anjum, Sarvajeet S. Gill , Om P. Dhankher, Juan F. Jimenez and Narendra Tuteja. Frontiers in Plant Science Publication, (2018).

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Special Issues Editor

Genes, special Issue on “Metal Accumulator Plant Genetics: Insights into Phytoremediation”. Editors: Om Parkash Dhankher, R.D. Tripathi, Guilan Duan, Suphiya Khan. Expected publication Feb 2021.

International J. of Molecular Sciences, special issue on “Mechanisms of Drought and Salinity Tolerance in Plants”. Editors: Om Parkash Dhankher, Vara prasad, and Sergey Shabala. Expected publication Jan 2021.

J. Experimental Botany, special Issue on “Mitigating the impact of climate change on plant productivity and ecosystem”. Editors: Ashwani Pareek, Christine Foyer and Om Parkash Dhankher. Published January 2020 (24 manuscripts).

Plant, Cell & Environmental journal, special Issue on “Climate Resilient Crops.” Editors: Om Parkash Dhankher and Christine Foyer. published In May 2019. Published 23 manuscripts in this special issue.

Indian J. Plant Physiology, Special issues on “Forward and Reverse Genetics for Crop Improvement.”  Editors: Ashwani Pareek, Ajay Arora, and Om Parkash Dhankher. Published December 2018 (20 manuscripts).

Frontiers in Horticulture, special Issue on “The Brassicaceae- Agri-Horticultural and Environmental Perspectives.” Editors- Om Parkash Dhankher, Naser A. Anjum, Sarvjeet S. Gill, Juan F. J. Bremont and Narendra Tuteja, published in 2016 with 28 peer-reviewed articles.

Patents (US and International) Awarded

US Patent: US 7,816,579 B2. “Metal Resistant Plants, Methods of Manufacture, and Methods of use Thereof.” Inventor: Om Parkash. Awarded October 2010.

US Patent: US 7,951,992 B2. Genes for Improving Tolerance to Heavy Metals and Environmental Stresses.” Inventors: Om Parkash and Anirudha Dixit. Awarded May 2011.

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UMass Docket # UMA0113US2 (UMA 18-012): Transgenic Plants having Increased Wax Synthase for Drought and Salt Tolerance. Inventor: Om Parkash Dhankher and Hesham Abdullah (Currently under review at USPTO).


I have developed strong research and faculty/student exchange program in India, China, Italy and Egypt. I visited various labs in these countries, actively engaged in research collaboration and hosted several visiting faculty and students in my lab.