Academic Requirements for MS Degree (Thesis Option)

  • A minimum of 30 course credits is required.
  • At least 6 credits in letter-graded 600-800 level courses are required.
  • Required courses include Global challenges in Agriculture and the Environment (STOCKSCH 650) (3 credits) and Biometry (STOCKSCH 661) (4 credits). It may be possible for a student to get committee permission to fulfill biometry requirement by taking Public Health 640 or Statistics 501 or other similar course.
  • Master’s thesis is worth 6-10 credits.
  • Up to 6 credits can be taken as independent study.
  • With the advisor's approval, up to 6 credits with ≥ B grade can be transferred from other universities.
  • The remaining course credits should be earned in graduate-level courses, in the major field defined as Plant & Soil Science and Environmental Science, as determined primarily by advisor and the thesis committee.
  • No Pass/Fail grading in major field courses is allowed.

The current list available graduate-level courses can be found at the end of the Graduate Student Handbook.

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