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Learn by doing!

Dan and Nicole with saws
Placing pavers
The saws!
Setting pavers in a porous unit paver pad
student presenting designs
Two students surveying
Design presentations
Surveying at the Stockbridge Agricultural Learning Center

Do want to know how plants grow, how to install a porous unit paver patio, or how to design a garden?

Then the Landscape Contracting program is for you!

The Landscape Contracting curriculum develops a foundation around three primary areas: landscape design, horticulture, and landscape construction/business. The goal of the Landscape Contracting program is to prepare students to become crew leaders, project supervisors, and estimators, as well as to hold other managerial positions. This is done by developing a student's skills in these areas: design, estimating, installation, and management. The program is offered through the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning and administered through the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

Learn by doing!

Learning by doing is not lost in the Landscape Contracting program. Whether in the laboratory or the field, students learn by doing! Students are in the field learning to survey which they then apply in other areas of the curriculum, such as design studios and construction labs. How landscape systems work is explained in the lecture and then applied in an actual built project that the students undertake. Learning how to identify plants is taught in lectures and then regularly applied on our campus.

Our students' recent landscaping project for UMass: