Curriculum Vitae

Professor of Sustainable Food & Farming


Ph.D. Cornell University; 1978
Major: Vegetable Crops Ecology
Minors: Agricultural Education & Soil Science

M.S. Cornell University; 1976
Major: Vegetable Crops Ecology
Minor: Soil Science

B.S. University of Rhode Island; 1973
Major: Botany
Minor: Chemistry


STOCKSCH 100 - Botany for Gardeners ONLINE  Offered Summer and January terms (GenEd BS) for UWW and Fall semster on campus. I take a holistic view of plants including ecology, plant form and function, inheritance and evolution, and the relationship between plant life and human life. The class is taught using world food, agricultural and gardening examples as much as possible. Four credits. 

STOCKSCH 379 - Agricultural Systems Thinking - FALL semester blended (lectures online and discussions on campus). This course will provide students with an opportunity to learn and practice systems thinking to deepen their understanding of complex food and farming systems and integrate the learning acquired from discipline-focused courses. Satisfies the Integrated Experience (IE) requirement for Sustainable Food and Farming majors. Three credits.

STOCKSCH 382 Writing for Sustainability Spring semester online only for campus students. Satisfies Junior Writing requirement for STOCKBRIDGE students. 3 credits.