Student Researchers Win National Awards

Congratulations are due to two Stockbridge graduate students in Plant & Soil Sciences, Cam Anderson and Mariela Garcia-Arredondo.

Their oral presentations at the Soil Society of America's national 2020 meeting both won the divisional student competition for compelling new research. 

Cam Anderson's research project, "Seasonal Shifts in Mineral and Metabolic Constraints Regulate Carbon Export from Floodplain Soils," won first prize.

Mariela Garcia-Arredondo's research project, "Biogeochemical Profiling of Transient Microenvironments at the Root-Soil Interface," won third prize.

Our students took both first place and third place, as ranked by a panel of expert judges in the field. 

Both students worked with our Assistant Professor of Soils and the Environment, Dr. Marco Keiluweit, whose research focuses on soil responses to climate change.  

Cam and Mariela represent the excellence in agricultural research that has characterized the Stockbridge School since its founding.