Curriculum Vitae

Extension Professor Emeritus

My program implements outreach, teaching, and research to establish sustainable production practices on vegetable and herb crops grown by commercial farmers in the Northeastern United States. A growing focus of my program since 2000 has been on establishing production and marketing systems for vegetable and herb crops popular among the large and growing immigrant communities in this region, in particular native speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. Most of the research done by my program has been at the UMass Research Farm in Deerfield, Massachusetts, where we also evaluate practical postharvest and pest management strategies for these new crops. My program has also worked closely with nutritionists at UMass to provide nutritionally balanced and culturally appropriate recipes for these immigrant groups using locally grown fresh vegetables and herbs. Starting in 2011, we have begun to work with urban growers as part of an overall systems approach to provide fresh produce to urban populations in Massachusetts and the region.

Since 1995, my program has brought in over three million dollars in grants and contracts to implement outreach and research activities.


1998 Ph.D.   University of Massachusetts (Cover Cropping Systems)
1991 M.S.   University of Massachusetts (Weed Science)
1986 B.S.   University of Massachusetts (Agriculture)
1981 B.A.   Salem State University (History)

Professional Experience/Employment History:

2016-current. Extension Professor Emeritus, Stockbridge School of Agriculture (SSA),UMass Amherst
2016-2020. Extension Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture (SSA),UMass Amherst
2015- 2018. Director, SSA Agriculture Learning Center, UMass Amherst
2006-2016 Extension Associate Professor, SSA, UMass Amherst
1998-2006 Extension Assistant Professor, Dept. Plant. Soil and Insect Sciences, UMass Amherst
1991-1998 Extension Specialist. UMass Extension. UMass Amherst

Academic Courses Taught

1999 - 2017. SSA 325. Sustainable Vegetable Production
2016 - SSA 397. Cuban Food Systems, taught in Cuba
2017 – 2020. SSA 258. Urban Agriculture


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