Dr. Michael Bank

Senior Scientist, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway; and Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts

Monday, February 26, 2024 - 3:30pm

Paige Lab Room 202 or Zoom

Speaker Name and Affiliation

Dr. Michael Bank

Senior Scientist, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts

Bio: Dr. Michael S. Bank works as a Senior Scientist in the Department of Contaminants and Biohazards at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway. Michael also serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Contaminant Biology at University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the USA. His research is highly interdisciplinary and has its theoretical basis in Bayesian mathematical modeling, contaminant biology, environmental toxicology, and environmental governance. Specifically, his interests are focused on three principle themes (a) How do contaminants affect organisms, including humans, (b) How can contaminants in ecosystem compartments be modeled using isotopic niches, Bayesian statistics and information theory, and (c) How can this information be used in a scientific translation and environmental governance context. Dr. Bank’s work primarily deals with real data sets that tend to be large in nature and that consider broad spatial and temporal scales. Michael serves on several expert committees and does advising on contaminants for several international environmental agencies. 

Seminar Title: The Ocean-Climate-Seafood Safety Nexus: Case Studies From Sub-Arctic And Arctic Ecosystems

Seminar Abstract: Food production systems and human diet choices have critical implications for climate change and environmental sustainability. Increasingly, the ocean and blue food resources are being recognized as a source to meet growing, global nutritional needs and to address deepening problems from human hunger. Furthermore, blue foods need to be more fully evaluated regarding overall safety and risk and by considering contaminants and nutrients concomitantly. Here, using complex systems analyses, contaminant and stable isotope tracer models, and Bayesian information theory I discuss new scientific findings and propose novel ideas regarding the relationships between climate, pollution (i.e., mercury, PFAS-PFOA, and microplastic pollution), planetary boundaries, and ocean and human health in the context of blue food sustainable development. I will present a wide array of simple and complex modeling approaches including big data analyses, information theory metrics, and risk and decision sciences. Future IPCC modeling scenarios will also be considered in the context of pollution recovery timescales, fisheries nutritional value, and trade and production dynamics at local, national, and global scales. I also synthesize these findings in the context of the UN SDGs, the UN Minamata Convention on Mercury, the UN Plastics Convention, and the new UN Science-Policy Panel on Chemicals, Waste, and Pollution Prevention.

Website Link: https://www.hi.no/hi/om-oss/ansatte/michael-bank


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