BioDiversity On My Campus Day (Walking Tour)

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture and the students in STOCKSCH 494I Global Issues in Applied Biology

invite the Amherst community and beyond to a free event dedicated to learn about the hidden biodiversity on our campus.



Join us for a series of stops on campus both indoors and outdoors starting in Fernald Hall 107.

See a map of our tour stops:


Here’s your chance to learn about the fishery, what sustainable seafood

really means, and why knowing where your seafood comes from matters.

You’ll also learn how starting a Slow Food community on campus could

educate more students about food that is good, clean and fair.




One Fish Foundation

Network Coordinator

Slow Fish North America

Colles Stowell



Red's Best

Jared Auerbach


School of Earth and Sustainability Undergrad Commencement Celebration

Stockbridge is a part of the School of Earth and Sustainability (SES).

Graduates and their families are invited to gather for snacks, refreshments, photo opps, and a chance for your family to meet your faculty.

Stockbridge graduates, family, and faculty are encouraged to attend.

Please RSVP for this event at


Please note that the time has been changed by 30 minutes.  Event will start at 5pm and end at 7pm.


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