Curriculum Vitae

Senior Lecturer


Ph.D. Plant pathology, University of California, Davis, 2005
M.S. Agronomy, Bordeaux, France, 2000

Research Interests

Dr. Petit specializes in evolution and ecology of plant-microbe interactions. She uses grapes in the Northeast US as her model system. 

The Petit's lab focuses on the following themes:
1- Impact of agricultural management on microbiomes
2- Effect of temperatures on flowering time in wild grape species 
3- Variation in resistance to necrotrophic and biotrophic diseases caused by fungi on grape 

Recent Publications

B. Goodell, J. Jellison and E. Petit. 2019. Mechanistic overview of the chelator-mediated Fenton (CMF) system in brown rot fungi and its potential role in fungal grapevine trunk diseases. p. 414. Phytopathologia Mediterranea 58(2): 395-449.

E. Petit, C. Silver, A. Cornille, P. Gladieux, L. Rosenthal, E. Bruns, S. Yee, J. Antonovics, T. Giraud, M. E. Hood. 2017.  Co-occurrence and hybridization of anther-smut pathogens specialized on Dianthus hosts. Molecular Ecology 26 (7), 1877-1890.

F. Horns, E. Petit, M. E. Hood. 2017. Massive Expansion of Gypsy-Like Retrotransposons in Microbotryum Fungi. Genome biology and evolution 9 (2), 363-371.

E. Petit, S. M. A. Ebong, P. Le Gall, P. P. Chen, N. Nieser, et al. 2016. Molecular species delimitation and morphology of aquatic and sub-aquatic bugs (Heteroptera) in Cameroon. PloS one 11 (5), e0154905.

R. Green, H. Sang, T. Chang, E. Allan-Perkins, E. Petit, G. Jung.  2016.  Draft genome sequences of the turfgrass pathogen Sclerotinia homoeocarpa. Genome Announcement 4(1), e01715-15.

L. Xu, E. Petit, M. E. Hood.  2016.  Variation in mate-recognition pheromones of the fungal genus Microbotryum. Heredity116 (1), 44-51

A. Marchant, F. Mougel, V. Mendonça, M. Quartier, E. Jacquin-Joly, A. da Rosa, E. Petit, M. Harry.  2016.  Comparing de novo and reference-based transcriptome assembly strategies by applying them to the blood-sucking bug Rhodnius prolixus.Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 69: 25-33.

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* Leader, MA Extension Grape Production
* Lead investigator on the NIFA Multistate project NE1720 for the MA Experiment Station Project #MAS00516: “Multi-state Coordinated Evaluation of Winegrape Cultivars and Clones”
* Editor, New England Grape Notes Newsletter -- Subscribe to New England Grape Notes for free

Service Outside The Department

*Chair - Ad Hoc Committee on Language Proficiency 
*Member - International Studies Council
*Member - Faculty Senate - General Education Council

Classes Taught

STOCKSCH 505 General Plant Pathology
PLANTBIO 891PB Topics in plant biology research (team teaching)

STOCKSCH 394I Global issues in applied biology 
STOCKSCH 390G Sustainable grape production 
STOCKSCH 650 Global Challenges in Agriculture and the Environment" (team teaching)