Academic and Campus Policies

UMass academic regulations and campus policies apply to all students in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.  It is the responsibility of students to understand and to follow these policies.  The University's official policies are updated yearly.

Undergraduate Academic Policies -- All regulations require interpretation; however, students who feel that extenuating circumstances warrant an exception to any of the following regulations should discuss their situation with the Stockbridge School Director.

Stockbridge Academic Policies -- Academic regulations specific to the Stockbridge School of Agriculture apply in addition to the regulations of the University above.  Student Handbooks for Stockbridge AS and BS programs are updated annually.

Code of Student Conduct -- The University of Massachusetts Amherst strives to create an environment of academic freedom that fosters the personal and intellectual development of all community members. In order to do this, the University protects the rights of all students, faculty and staff to explore new ideas and to express their views.

Campus Policies -- The University has made campus policies on a variety of topics, including Academic Honesty, Classroom Civility and Respect, Restroom Usage, Technology Usage, and Title IX compliance.

Class Attendance & Absences. --  Students should follow prescribed policies for notifying faculty of absences and providing documentation as necessary.

Withdrawing from School -- Learn the five types of mid-semester withdrawal. Access necessary forms for withdrawal and for reinstatement.  Please note: Associate degree students considering academic withdrawal are required to first speak with their faculty advisor, and then meet with either the Director of the Stockbridge School (Paige 205), or with Elizabeth Wiernasz (Paige 211), to navigate your next steps.  Bachelor degree students considering academic withdrawal are required to first speak with their faculty advisor, and then contact the University Registrar's Office (Whitmore 213) at this link.

Six-Semester Limit for AS Programs  -- An Associate of Science student shall be allowed no more than six semesters as a full-time student to complete all graduation requirements cited at the time the student entered. Continuation beyond this limit will require the written approval of the Stockbridge School Director.