Costa Rica is the wealthiest of the seven countries in Central America. Although agricultural production makes up only six percent of its GDP, it is an important source of fresh fruits and vegetables for US markets. Immigrants from other Central American countries, in particular El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, are much higher in the US than from Costa Rica.

In 2006, Frank Mangan taught a UMass course entitled Agricultural Field Practicum in Costa Rica (PLSOILIN 298C).  This three-credit course focused on tropical agricultural systems with classroom work at UMass and eight days at EARTH University in Costa Rica during Spring Break. EARTH University is considered one of the best agricultural universities in Latin America, and has students from many Latin American countries. Earth Universities also receives students from many Land Grant universities in the US on educational projects - click here for more information.

Frank Mangan is planning to teach this course in the Dominican Republic in 2016.