Take Advantage of the Labor Crisis in the Golf Industry

The Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA) has declared a labor crisis.  A wave of retirements is removing long-term turf expertise from the industry.  At the same time, advances in science and technology are rapidly changing the skills sought by the turf grass industries.  With the rise of both drought conditions and water scarcity, new attention is being paid to methods that allow the design and maintenance of golf courses to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible.  Today's experts are called upon to work with geographic laser scanners, drones, and wireless robotic stations, while also understanding soil science and plant pathology.  If you or your family have doubts about committing to learn and work in the turfgrass industries, this video might be just what you need to see.

Looking for more?  Download the complete BS Degree Handbook that includes course descriptions, academic policies, and requirements for our other BS degrees.

Roll Your Associate Degree into a Bachelor Degree

Upon completion of our 2-Year Associate of Science degree, students who wish to continue are automatically accepted into our bachelor's program.  All of your completed courses count towards the Bachelors degree, so you'll only need to put in two more years to graduate with both an Associate of Science degree and a Bachelor of Science degree.  We can also help you transfer into a different bachelor's program, such as Natural Resource Conservation or Plant and Soil Sciences.

Reasons to Choose the Bachelor Degree Over the Associate Degree

Whether you choose to move from AS to BS, or choose to start in the BS program from day one, the Bachelor of Science degree will offer you

More Flexibility -- You'll have more elective courses to choose from, dipping into horticulture, arboriculture, landscaping, and plant pathology

More Specialization -- Choose a focus on Business courses (e.g. accounting, economics, management), or a focus on Science courses (e.g. biology, chemistry, calculus)

More In-Depth Exploration -- Continuing to advanced courses, with smaller class sizes, allows for deeper exploration and knowledge in the courses you select

More Research Opportunities -- Our BS program offers an increased ability to assist faculty research, plus opportunities to propose and conduct your own research, as an independent study for academic credit, using our facilities

More Well-Roundedness -- While the AS degree is uniquely specialized, the purposeful addition of general education courses offers you a BS degree on par with any other 4-year college degree

More Career Mobility and Job Security -- You'll have more professional recognition within the turfgrass industries, due in part to our strong alumni support, and paving the way to a variety of higher paying jobs including management

More Foundation for Further Advancement -- A Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst provides an excellent foundation for applying to a Masters or PhD program, at UMass or anywhere else you want to go