To contact members of the Stockbridge Advisory Board, please email Director of Communication Nessim Watson.

Stockbridge School of Agriculture Advisory Board:

The objectives of the Advisory Board are:

  • To advise the director and program coordinators on opportunities that the school should pursue to better serve the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the nation.
  • To advise the director and program coordinators on short- and long-range issues of emerging or substantial concern in the fields of agriculture and the green industry.
  • To advise the director and program coordinators on the relative merits of ongoing teaching, research, and extension activities as well as new activities proposed by the director and program coordinators.
  • To advise and where appropriate cooperate in developing and/or expanding programs such as (1) the work-study/internship program; (2) new and/or proposed academic programs; (3) the recruitment, retention, and education of new students, including minorities; and (4) the curricula in agriculture/green industry education.
  • To facilitate communication between the Stockbridge School (director and program coordinators) and the University of Massachusetts; industry representatives and representatives of appropriate state and federal agencies, executives, and legislators with state and federal government. Communication includes advocating on behalf of the Stockbridge School, and publicizing the school’s accomplishments.
  • To identify and capitalize on fundraising opportunities that will provide the Stockbridge School with a continuing, dependable source of flexible funds to support student scholarships and relevant equipment for courses to be used in the pursuit of excellence.