Is Sustainable Food and Farming for you?

If you care about: 1) good food; 2) small farms and; 3) local solutions to food, climate and energy challenges, you should explore our associate of science degree (offered both on-campus and fully online), our bachelor of science degree (offered both on-campus and fully online), and our 15-credit online certificate program.  Additionally, students working toward a major in a related field at UMass can earn a secondary major in Sustainable Food and Farming with only 30 credits in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. 

Students in the Sustainable Food and Farming major prepare for work in diverse fields such as:

  • growing and marketing real food;
  • farm-based educational systems;
  • food advocacy, community development and public policy.

You can concentrate on a diverse range of work opportunities from permaculture and organic farming to medicinal herbs and community food systems.

Make a Difference - And Do What You Love
We prepare students for exciting careers on farms, with non-profit advocacy and policy agencies, government organizations, and food-related educational institutions.  Sustainable Food and Farming offers students flexibility in the choice of courses that fulfill the requirements of the major, so they can pursue what they love.





We offer a 120-credit bachelor of science (B.S.) degree (offered both on-campus and fully online), a 60-credit associate of science (A.S.) degree (both on-campus and fully online), and an online 15-credit certificate. Check the links in the sidebar for more information.