Academic Minors

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture offers a Minor in Plant and Soil Sciences.
For more information, contact Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

The Minor In Plant and Soil Sciences

All students planning to minor in Plant and Soil Sciences must have completed STOCKSCH 108 or equivalent, CHEM 110 or 111, and STOCKSCH 105. In addition, a student must successfully complete 15 credits in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture (STOCKSCH ) with at least 3 credits at the 500 level and, at most, one 100-level course. Students interested in minoring should plan their courses with a Stockbridge School faculty advisor prior to commencement of the minor. Certain course selections within the minor in Plant and Soil Sciences will be suggested to accommodate students specifically interested in Sustainable Horticulture, Sustainable Food & Farming, Turfgrass Management, or Soils.