Sustainable Food and Farming Bachelor of Science

Online Degree Requirements

The requirements for the SFF BS degree changed beginning in September 2023.  If you joined the program at that time, the degree requirements may be found here: 

B.S. Degree Requirements (beginning in September 2023) 

Anyone joining the program prior to September 2023 will continue to use the following requirements...

if you have questions about graduation requirements, please contact your adviser. 

Renee Ciulla -

John Gerber -


Internships or Practicum

Students are encouraged to take up to the maximum of 18 credits (max of 9 may count toward core requrements) as Internships or Practicum. These may be farm internships, working with non-profits or businesses, or study abroad. Stockbridge is committed to helping students gain practical experience as part of their major area of study. By combining your classroom education with experience in the field, your practicum/internship should be a highlight of your Stockbridge education. Every internship is different and one size does not fit all! The requirements have flexibility. If you are working to establish your own farm and your life situation is such that you are not able to complete an independent study away from home, we can find a “residential solution.”

For more information, talk with our SFF Internship Coordinator, Renee Ciulla at

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