The Online Associate of Science degree in Sustainable Food and Farming requires the successful completion of an introductory math and a college writing class.  If you have a 3-credit college level algebra class or a college writing class from another university, this may satisfy the degree requirement. Check with your adviser.

If you have not yet taken college math or english, please take the Math and the English Writing Placement tests before you register for classes.

Instructions for these online tests may be found here:

Math and English Placement Tests


The basic requirement for the A.S. degree is either:

  • Math 104 - Algebra, Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry (3)


  • Math 101 and 102 (2 credits each)

Higher level Math classes will also satisfy this requirement.  To determine which Math class to take, please take the Math Placement Test.

Other college level math classes may also satisfy this requirment.  Check with your adviser!

If you are stong in math, you may also "test out" of this requirement by getting a good score on the Math Exemption Test.  This is not easy!


All college students are required to take a freshmen level English Writing class.  The basic class at UMass is:

  • ENGWRIT 112 - College Writing

If you have a college writing class from another institution, this may also satisfy the requirement.  Check with your adviser!

Before you can take ENGWRIT 112, you need to earn a score of 3 or better in the English Writing Placement Test.  Here is the direct link directly from the UMass Writing Center. This requirement will be waived if you:

  1.     received a combined total of 1460 or more on the Critical Reading and Writing Sections of the SAT
  2.     received a 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Language and Composition Test OR
  3.     took a writing course at another institution that the University has accepted for credit to fulfill the CW general education requirement.

If you are confused..... talk with your adviser!