Good Work

There is a difference between "finding a job" and engaging in good work or developing a rewarding career. The great British economist, E.F. Schumacher, wrote a book called Good Work about this topic. According to Schumacher, good work should...

  1.     ...provide the worker with a decent living (food, clothing, housing)
  2.     ...enable the worker to perfect their natural gifts & abilities
  3.     ...allow the worker to serve and work with other people to free us from our inborn egocentricity

Do What You Love

Don't sell yourself short - do what you love!  Consider this short essay Who Are You? before you choose a career.  And then search the internship and work data bases in the side bar to see the broad range of opportunities availlable to students and graduates of this major.  And for a reflection on the future, see "Where will agricultural graduates work?"

National Trends

According to a recent analysis of job opportunities in agriculture, "employers have 57,900 job openings in agriculture and related fields each year. But just 35,400 students graduate annually with a bachelor's degree or higher in ag."  This adds up to opportunity, especially if you are willing to be flexible regarding location. 

Build Your Future

And if you don't find good work in the employment lists on this page, create your own!  The world is changing fast and many of our recent graduates are doing just that.  In fact, an article in UMass Magazine claims most of the "Jobs of the Future" haven't even been invented yet!

Experience Matters

It is wise to test out your career choice before making a lifetime decision.  You can earn academic credit while doing an internship and learning new skills  Contact the SFF Program Coordinator, Dr. John M. Gerber, before your internship begins to arrange for academic credit.