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NOTE: if you are looking for our fully ONLINE A.S. degree in Sustainable Food and Farming, please go to: https://stockbridge.cns.umass.edu/onlinesustfarm

Grow with us!

The 60-credit associate of science (A.S.) degree offers a program of study for those who wish to practice agriculture, but are not quite ready to make a commitment to the bachelor of science (B.S.) degree.  Students acquire a basic knowledge of both plant and soil sciences along with training in specific agricultural techniques. The major offers flexibility in designing a personal program of study, allowing students to focus on specific crop production, small business management, or produce marketing.

In addition to our campus based A.S. degree, we also offer a fully online degree program for working adults looking to change their career to focus more on sustainable food systems and farming.  Classes are designed to fit into busy lifestyles and may be taken at your own pace.  Online students currently may enroll in the 15-credit Certificate Program in Sustainable Food and Farming.  For more information, see: Online Associate of Science Degree Program.

Why choose a career in agriculture?

If you enjoy working outdoors, prefer growing your own food, or producing it for others, or just want to be involved with growing plants, then explore a career in agricultural crop production and marketing.  Opportunities are growing as U.S. consumers learn about the value of local, organic, and sustainable food production.  In addition, related enterprises focused on agricultural education, public policy, and community development and advoacy are expanding as more people discover the value of local food and farming systems.

Some students entering the field today return to their family farms, which make up 86% of the 1.9 million farms in the country.  Many pursue specific interests in sustainable or organic agriculture. Other opportunities exist with food companies, agricultural associations, community organizations, local government, and food cooperatives.  Some students plan on homesteading while pursuing employment in other fields. 

Opportunities for Students throughout New England

Students who are residents of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont  are eligible for reduced tuition through the New England Regional Student Program (NERSP). To get an overview of how the program works visit the NERSP website for more details. NOTE: the NERSP program is not available for students taking the online degree program.

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NOTE:  Degree requirements for the Online A.S. degree program are slightly different.  Information on the exclusively online degree program is available at: Online Associate of Science Degree Program.