Flexible, high-demand certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs in downtown Springfield.
A Mother and UWW Grad

You’re ready to advance your career or you’re exploring a new one. You’re looking for a topnotch academic program that meets your educational goals as well as the realities of your daily life. In addition to school, you may have other responsibilities to consider like work, family, and other commitments. We realize you may not be able to commute to and from Amherst. Nevertheless, you expect the same first-rate experience, wherever you attend, whether you participate in person or online. 

The Center at Springfield is a smart choice. Conveniently located in downtown Springfield, the Center is your portal into the UMass System. If you need help navigating course offerings and class schedules, we’re here for you. Just ask. 

Why UMass?

You have lots of options and you may be wondering, why UMass? UMass is one of the world’s top academic research institutions and one of the Five Colleges. At the Center, you’ll be taught by the same outstanding faculty and have access to the university’s vast resources. 

Real Value

Tuition is another important consideration. When you compare, you’ll find that UMass delivers real value. You’ll also find that the Center at Springfield connects you to many conveniences that make your life a little easier like onsite parking, daycare, a food court, and other services.

I didn’t want to go to a big university to finish my undergraduate degree. Then a friend told me about a top university in downtown Springfield where I could take classes online, in the classroom, or both. I could even complete a master’s degree. Who knew?

Brandon B., Springfield Resident

Available Programs

Programs offered at the Springfield Center are consistent with the UMass mission and contribute to Springfield’s revitalization efforts. 

Isenberg MBA Program

Offering Isenberg’s highly rated, flexible, and convenient program without sacrificing superior instruction or academic rigor.  

Teach 180 Days

A 36-credit program leading to a master’s degree and provisional secondary teacher licensure in just one school year. 

Nusing Program

Leading the way in nursing education at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels for over 60 years.

UMass Students Graduating

Specializing in helping degree-seeking adults achieve success through individualized programs.

Your career goals are waiting and you’re ready to take the next step.