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The UMass Center at Springfield's state-of-the-art facility is a great location for hosting meetings.

Thank you for your interest in utilizing the UMass Amherst Center at Springfield for your upcoming event.

Reservation Process:

Requestors are encouraged to submit reservations at least 30 days in advance. Approval processing takes up to six (6) business days, as all events must first be approved by our executive team. Confirmation of reservation is dependent on spacing availability, compatibility, and executive approval. Rental space is prioritized for our academic programs. Once an approve/deny status is reached, the requestor is then notified.

Available Spaces

Several types of spaces are available for hosting events at the Springfield Center. Classrooms, boardrooms, breakout rooms, the lounge and commons are perfect spaces to host small and large groups. A/V equipment is available for an additional cost.


If you have additional questions after submitting the request form, please contact our Events Coordinator via email at

Please Note:

The UMass Amherst Center at Springfield does not arrange catering. Event organizers are responsible for arranging the delivery, payment, and cleanup related to any desired catering.

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Space Reservation Request Terms and Conditions

The UMass Center at Springfield (UMCS) meeting rooms are available for use on a rental basis. Academic activities will take priority over all other reservations. The organization renting the space is responsible for general clean-up once the event has completed. 

Renter’s Responsibility 

  1. The renter/requestor shall: Pay the full cost of the rental on the rental date or within seven (7) days following the event. Please note that payments may only be made by check. 
  2. Pay additional charges applied to events that run over the approved time of the original reservation: 
    1. A flat overage fee of $50.00 
  3. Pay the UMCS, on demand, the total cost of any damage to the premises or extra charges resulting from the use of the premises by the renter or any person permitted by the renter to enter the meeting room. 
  4. Not construct, erect or attach any fixture to the floor, ceiling or walls of the premises or alter the premises in any way whatsoever without first obtaining the written consent of the UMCS Director of Operations and, if such consent is obtained, then the work shall be done only in strict accordance with such consent. 
  5. Maintain the meeting room in a neat and tidy condition. 
  6. Remove all items that were brought in by the renter. 
  7. During the period of occupancy, ensure that all persons using the meeting room do so in an orderly manner and do not breach any law, regulation, bylaw, rule or UMCS policy. 
  8. Release the UMCS from any responsibility or liability whatsoever that might arise out of the UMCS failing to provide the premises or any services to the premises under the terms of this agreement. 
  9. Comply with all applicable regulations respecting fire safety and other matters, and shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons on the premises during the period covered by the facility contract. 
    1. If a fire alarm occurs during your event, by state law, evacuation of the facility must occur immediately. 
    2. No open flame devices (chaffing trays heated by gel fuels no greater than 13oz are acceptable). 
    3. If using chaffing dishes or hotplates, UMCS Operations staff must be notified and a fire extinguisher must be brought on-site for the event by the organization holding the event. In some instances, a review by the Tower Square building management, CBRE, will need to be performed. 
  10. Be responsible for obtaining a temporary liquor license that complies with both state and local guidelines for any event that will include alcoholic beverages of any kind. More information can be found here: 
  11. Be responsible for any applicable licensing or royalties when playing music, videos or other licensed media. 
  12. Be responsible for any software used or installed on UMCS computers as well as the licensing of such software. 
  13. No software shall be installed without prior written consent from the UMCS operations staff. 
  14. Confine any sales activities to the reserved room/space and not solicit other UMCS patrons 
  15. Political fundraising of any kind is not allowed in state facilities, therefore, no political fundraising activities shall take place within the UMCS. 
  16. The renter agrees to notify the UMCS of any condition that may render the premises or equipment unsafe for use, and if the UMCS is unable to correct the condition, then the UMCS has the right to cancel the use of the premises until the condition is corrected. 
  17. UMCS does not provide use of kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, etc. 


  1. A parking garage is conveniently located adjacent to UMCS as a part of Tower Square. 
  2. Parking costs for events held at the UMCS are the responsibility of the event requestor and attendees. 
  3. UMCS does not validate parking, but reduced-cost ‘chaser’ tickets can be made available for events. Please discuss with the UMCS event scheduler at the time of reservation request. 
    1. Reduced cost chaser tickets are only available for use of the Tower Square Parking garage and not any adjoining parking garages. 

 Room Set-Up 

  1. Event requestors may not have access to event rooms more than 1 hour before the start of their planned event unless requested and pre-approved. 
  2. If given advance notice, UMCS staff can assist in moving tables for set-up of events. Advance notice must be at least 3 business days prior to the event. 
  3. Tables and chairs within each room at UMCS may be moved as needed by the event owner, but furniture must not be moved out of any room without pre-approval from UMCS operations staff. 


  1. Rooms are often scheduled with minimum periods between the next event or class. Attendees and requestors must vacate the room as specified by the time that they have been approved for. 
  2. Anyone remaining after the event is welcome to move to the Student Lounge in UMCS to finish discussions with requestors/participants or request a break-out room, as available. 
  3. Tables and chairs may not be used as dollies to move items in or out of UMCS. UMCS will not be able to provide such equipment to move items so please plan ahead for the day of your event. 
  4. All tables and chairs must be cleaned of food, drinking containers and visible liquids. 
  5. All items that the event requestor or attendees brought in must be removed from the meeting room. 
  6. UMCS will provide trash containers and full bag removal once the event has concluded.


  1. UMCS Operations staff consider the safety and security of all UMCS users as a highest priority. 
  2. If any event user becomes disruptive or considered a threat in any way to any other UMCS user, that user will be asked to leave the Center immediately. 
  3. If any event user feels threatened or that their personal use is disrupted by another Center user, UMCS operations staff will evaluate the situation and take appropriate action. 
  4.  UMCS operations staff relies on the 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year security of Tower Square/CBRE. Contact detail for Tower Square is available at the UMCS front desk, or by visiting the following link: 

Technical/Audio/Visual Needs 

  1. The UMCS classrooms and executive board rooms are all equipped with wall-mounted monitors or ceiling-mounted projectors that have HDMI and VGA connections. All equipment at the time of the event is considered in good working order and unbroken. Any damage to equipment post-event will be reviewed by the UMCS’ Director of Operations or a member of the IT staff and charges for damages may be evaluated and presented to the event requestor as necessary. 
  2. If a laptop is required, a UMCS owned loaner laptop will be tested, logged in, and connected to the monitor or projector prior to the event. This will guarantee a working laptop for your event. Loaner laptops are Lenovo T540p and run Windows 7. Laptops will be delivered in good working order and any missing equipment, or damage, post-event will be evaluated and presented to the event requestor as necessary. 
  3.  If you choose not to use UMCS provided loaner laptop, UMCS staff will not perform any type of trouble shooting beyond basic cable and adapter connections into the system for the monitor or projector. 
  4. Guest Wi-Fi access is granted on a per event basis. Upon confirmation of your event, a unique Wi- Fi account and password will be created. The accounts will not become active until the day of your event and are active for the duration of your event. The account username and password will be emailed directly to the requestor of the event that is on the Spacing Request Reservation Form. It is the responsibility of the requestor of the event to distribute the wireless credentials to those attending the event. 
  5. Presentation remotes are available upon request. They are compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers and require 1 USB connection. Remotes will be delivered in good working order and any missing equipment, or damage, post-event will be evaluated and presented to the event requestor as necessary. 
  6. Any new guest to UMCS, that will use a laptop loaner or workstation computer, must sign and return the UMCS’ Acceptable Use of Computing and Information Technology Resources Agreement. 
  7. Unless otherwise specified, IT support originating from the UMCS will be limited to the above uses during any given event. If additional IT needs are expected, a flat per-hour rate will be established for time needed during your event. For time spent troubleshooting UMCS-owned equipment issues, there will be no additional charges. For time spent troubleshooting requestor-owned, or remote equipment, a charge will be established as needed. Please note that this can include costs incurred during the event and charged in addition to any pre-approved costs. 
  8. Conference Calling – All renters wishing to make long-distance and or international calls from UMCS shall sign off on the Long-Distance and International Calling Agreement prior to their event date. Separate billing charges will apply for all calls. If interested, please inquire about alternative options. 
  9. Printing – On-site printing services are available to event users in the Student Printing Center. 
    1. Prepaid printer cards must be purchased at Wonderland Gifts located on the Street Level of Tower Square. Please note that Wonderland gifts is open for limited hours, so arrangements must be made in advance. Additional charges will occur if the renter uses the faculty copier in the center. 
    2. Printing can be initiated at any of UMCS computer work stations. 
    3. The printer will only make prints in black and white and 8.5 x 11 only. 
    4. The fees are $.05 single sided / $.08 double sided 


  1. The Occupancy Load for UMCS facility is limited to 900 persons. At no time shall the total number of occupants of the facility exceed that number. Individual room capacities will vary by setup and should be discussed with UMCS contact at the time that the request is made. 
  2. Base chairs per room will be made available in addition to up to 100 folding chairs for any given event. Any needs beyond this number will need to be pre-arranged for and paid for by the event requestors. 
  3. Any rented tables or chairs for events must not remain set up in any space after the close of the reserved event. UMCS staff will establish spaces for storage of rented equipment post-event. Event requestors must move any rented tables or chairs before departing the UMCS space, ahead of any rental pickup scheduled. 

By Signing this agreement, I understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions as set forth within.