The University of Massachusetts Amherst


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UMass Amherst Scholarships

The best place to look for scholarships is through Academic Works, this database lists all UMass Amherst scholarships. Fill out basic information about yourself, and the system will prompt you to complete applications for scholarships for which you might qualify. It's an efficient way to access a huge number of scholarships that are only open to current UMass students.

Funding for Unpaid Internships and Volunteer Work

Scholarships are available to support low-paying and unpaid internships for nonprofit and government agencies. Apply through the Academic Works database. Additionally, students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS) may obtain positions at authorized off-campus agencies and be paid for their service. Financial Aid partners with community service organizations across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide community service opportunities to work-study students. Students who work in these programs are able to do work that enriches the community while developing important professional skills. Learn more here.

Scholarships to Support Study Abroad

The UMass Amherst International Programs Office (IPO) has a very thorough list of scholarships available to support students as they study abroad both during college and after graduation.